Lassa Fever kills Dr. A.V Idowu, during his houseman-ship in Kogi State

A young Doctor, Dr. A.V Idowu, doing his houseman-ship in Kogi State has been killed by Lassa Fever.

A Twitter user, Dr. Igwe Emeka, who confirmed the death of Dr. Idowu, tweeted;

Just lost a colleague and a dear friend @AVIDowu to Lassa fever today. Am gutted, tired and sad. Can’t take this anymore.

After so many years of medical school, after months of searching for housemanship placement, after years of toiling, Lassa fever took this promising young Doctor away. This is unbelievable. What a country @AVIDowu

However Twitter user @Sharpval, who reacted to the death of Dr Idowu, accused the hospital of killing the Doctor. He tweeted;

It’s not worth it. Victor is gone. It’s not fucking worth it

Provide simple basic amenities no. Every day people put their lives on the line for this fucking shithole.

Ribivarin prophylaxis could have gone a long way There were reports of lassa fever and doctors weren’t provided with ribivarin prophylaxis. You people killed victor.

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Remember that people are siphoning funds meant to provide basics in these hospitals Today they killed Victor

The worst part is Victor will die for nothing

Lassa fever is spreading and killing people. What has the minister of health said? He is silent

Ordinary talk he hasn’t said anything But when Buhari’s had a bike accident he ran to give conference

I pray someone actually takes lassa fever into aso rock. Maybe just maybe then they will act.

Recall that few days ago, the death toll of victims of the Lassa fever outbreak in Ebonyi State, rose to 4 as confirmed by an official.

The Commissioner for Health, Daniel Umezuruike, also said 139 persons have been placed under surveillance in the state.


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