Ibinabo Fiberesima’s son appreciates her for being a good ‘dad and mom’ to him and his siblings


On Friday, actress, mother of five and former Actors Guild President,Ibinabo Fiberesima turned a year older and she released some new photos to celebrate it.

Her first child, Sean Coughlan, has just penned down this heartfelt message to her.

Read below

”flew in to celebrate my mums special day with her.
Love this woman more than words can explain how much I adore this woman, bruvvvvv, she’s the absolute rock Ive fell back on countless times.
I haven’t had a father my whole life, but I haven’t felt that ‘hole in my life’, never felt bad at the ‘where’s your dad’ bants. She’s been everything. I respect her more than anything.
She’s been through so much she didn’t deserve, and come through it shining, she makes failure easier to deal with and successes so much sweeter. You know when you’re living your life for yourself but making her proud is just as big a goal. Keep shining ayy, 2018 is money, love and success way.
Love this woman.
Love you mum.
Happy Birthday [email protected]”.

Source: kemifilani.ng


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