Only God could have done this! A dead foetus was brought back to life…

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How powerful Your name is, Oh Lord.
You sit in Heavens and still attend to the prayers of the people on earth.
You are a great God.
Truly, God can do the impossibilities.
HE has the power to make a way where there was no way before.
I could see the agony of a mother whose daughter was in a dire situation that could lead to death.
When my mother was called that my elder sister was in labour and about to be delivered of her baby, there was tension written all over her.
I mean, real tension!
My sister had been taken to the first hospital and we were told they could not see the head of the foetus.
What did the medical personnel mean?
To terrify her people ?
With the attitude the hospital management put up, my sister was taken to a second maternity hospital.
The enemy seemed to be trailing after my sister.
The verdict here was that the baby in her womb had died and needed to be brought out through Cesarean operation.
My sister was booked for blood transfusion.
My mother was a shadow of herself. She went to three places in town looking for blood to buy
Lord had mercy!
She was able to get one out of the number asked for.
I then knew that if one was in a terrible situation and cried to the Almighty God for help , HE would look down with mercy on such a person.
My mother told us later that she cried from the depth of her heart to the Lord for mercy on her and her daughter while all hell was let loose emotionally.
No one was there to stabilise or comfort her.
Father of all fathers, prove Yourself !
My daughter must live ‘ was her cry.
And the Lord did !
By the time ,my mother returned to the hospital with the one pint of blood, my sister had been delivered of a life baby boy.
A life baby and not a dead one
God is a merciful God.
Even today , a couple of years after the delivery , I still marvelled at the work of God.
HE still does beyond one’s imagination.
And HE is the only ONE that can silence the enemy.
The Lord God is God

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