New details emerge on how Wole Soyinka’s 20 year old son got married to his 30 year old lover

To many of the family members, it’s surprising that the wedding photos have just appeared in the media in November.
The couple got married in June 2017 in Atlanta Georgia, the United States of America!

Oretunlewa, son of Nobel laureate winner, Wole Soyinka got married to his Igbo lover of eight years, former Miss Nneka Ekechukwu.

Nneka, 30, a businesswoman based in the US, was said to have
sponsored the lavish wedding which was attended by friends and families.
But the groom’s father, Prof Wole Soyinka was said to have kicked against the union.

He was prevailed upon and as a good father he had to appear at the wedding.

Oretunlewa, who is one of the three children (all boys) of Mrs.
Folake Soyinka, is believed by his dad to be too young to be a husband.

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Sarah Slavik Photography
Professor Soyinka got married to Folake in 1989.
How did Folake meet the Nobel Laureate?

In an interview she had with The News Magazine sometimes ago, Folake
revealed that it was at the University of Ife. Of course, she knew he
liked her, but the snag was that she was still young and he was so

She said: “After I left Ife and went to do my NYSC in Kaduna state,
Dr Biodunjeyifo came to visit me and said Kongi (Prof Wole Soyinka) had
been looking for me. After the service year, Dr Yomi Ogunbiyi who was at
the Guardian got me a job there and one day, Wole stopped by.”

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It was an interesting courtship.
Explaining that her parents and most of her relatives objected to her
relationship with the professor, she still had her siblings’ support.

“There were objections from everywhere. My parents worried that he
was too famous and too accomplished. But within a few months after we
were married, my parents had changed their mind and they loved him until
they passed away. His close friends didn’t have a problem with it but
also everyone had an opinion. Then came the Nobel Prize in 1986 and that
derailed everything for a couple of years. More than a quarter of a
century later, those opinions didn’t count, we are still trudging along.
I have enjoyed love because of him,” she said.

Source: Kemi Ashefon


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