First photos as Bishop Oyedepo Dedicates Multi-Million Winners’ Church Built By Church Member

Although the Bishop has maintained that a central church at Ota
remains his mandate, midweek services and other activities will take
place at the provincial facility.

Bishop Oyedepo Dedicates Multi-Million Winners’ Church
Bishop Oyedepo Dedicates Multi-Million Winners’ Church
Bishop Oyedepo Dedicates Multi-Million Winners’ Church

The donor, a church member, who is also a pastor(chose to remain
anonymous) took up the gauntlet and procured property, built and
delivered the whole facility to the church for free as his contribution
to the Mandate to liberate the world from all oppression of the devil
through the preaching of the Word of Faith.

Bishop Oyedepo had announced this development in Church during the annual Youth Convention in August 2017.

The facility will continue to hold only weekly services until such a
time as the Bishop receives the instruction to allow satellite centres
within Lagos to run Sunday services.

Source: Kemi Ashefon


Read how Armed Robbers Attacked a Lagos Market, took phones, other valuables today (Details)

Lagos market

Armed robbers on Friday, attacked a market in Lagos in broad-daylight
and carted away phones and other valuables while soldiers stationed at a
roundabout close by did not intervene, traders lament.

robbers who stormed Iyana-Iba market in Ojo Local Government Area of
Lagos, took away the phones and other valuables of roadside traders.

account reported that the armed robbers shot into the air to scare
traders away before they commenced their operations.

traders who fell victim said their shops were broken into by the robber
who also carted away their phones and other valuables.

The report
also said that while the traders ran for safety, the robbers beat up
mercilessly victim traders who were reluctant in parting with their
phones and other belongings.

The reports also said that the robbers emerged from the...

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