Woman allegedly burns little girl with hot knife and puts pepper inside her private part for eating crayfish (Photos)

According to a Facebook user, Emma Oramalu, the woman did it because she eat crayfish and licked sugar. He also shared photos of the little girl, and a photo of the woman in police custody. He wrote..

“This is the woman who burnt Chidimma with hot knife after severally flogging her and injecting pepper into her private part for eating crayfish and licking sugar. She is giving the police her statement at the moment”
Anambra state police have arrested a woman who burn 7-year-old girl with hot knife and also put pepper inside her private part for eating crayfish and licking sugar.


Comedian Julius Agwu’s Daughter Celebrates Her 8th Birthday (Photos)

Wife of Comedian, Julius Agwu, took to her Instagram page to gush about how intelligent their daughter, Zahra, is. She turned 8-years-old today. See more photos below and her post...

The proud mum wrote;

“On your 8th birthday my princess I don’t have much words to say….if you have ever met Zahra and had a conversation with her i bet she must have left you WOWED with the way she holds meaningful conversations at such a young age and the kind of questions she will ask you. ZAHRA you are such a beautiful child with a beautiful soul, always compassionate about others. You can’t meet her and not love her. Such an impressionable child. Oh! Have i spoken about how talented you are (singer, dancer, songwriter) Yes oh! Lol. How intelligent you are (A+ student)....

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