Victim’s experience reveals the new method being used to wipe the money from people’s bank accounts

A Nigerian Instagram user has cried out as he revealed the new method used to wipe money from people’s bank account.

According to him, his phone was stolen and the whole money in his account was wiped out!
He wrote:

1. Just a week ago, I boarded a bus at
Obanikoro heading for Costain/Orile, highlighted at Ojuelegba, on
getting past the traffic light, I became conscious of the fact that my
phone was missing. I dialed my number and it kept ringing & ringing
till it was switched off. I kept faith and was hoping for a possible
reunion but that was the biggest mistake of my life.
in the day I dialed my number and it rang, I was glad thinking the
fellow had removed my sim from my phone and inserted it into another
phone just to get to me but after 3 trials without picking, switched off
was all I heard(my android phone is passworded,so its either my phone
was formatted or sim inserted into another phone that made the ringing
possible after it was switched off prior to this time, I should have
known). Then I became worried but still kept faith, stupidest mistake.
in a bus heading home, I decided to use the phone of the passenger who
was right next to me so as to tell my parents I’m phoneless cos they’d
be worried for sure, only for me to be told he faced similar situation
& had his account emptied using his number, then it dawned on me
that they could have been transacting at the time my phone was ringing
that evening.
I got home & ran to the nearest ATM
machine, on seeing my balance my face dropped, they had emptied my
account. Didn’t know when I bursted into tears, seeing yourself loose
money you worked hard for to a total stranger is not what I will wish
even an enemy. I wept at that ATM stand for almost 20mins till I was
able to gather strength home, I thank God for taking me home cos I still
don’t get how I crossed that Ikorodu Expressway seeing 2 oncoming
heavily loaded tankers barefooted.
I’m not afraid of starting all over but I’m just scared someone else might not take it as light as I did.
I’m using this medium to bring everyone to alertness. Be conscious of
your phone!!!


Young lady recounts her chilling encounter with IPOB boys in Aba

Hours ago, a certain Facebook user, Bridget Anurika Eze shared story of her first hand experience wit IPOB boys in Aba, kindly read below:

All my life I have never had a first hand experience of public harassment like today.

part of our normal routine in the office and the scheme at large, we
left for facilities inspection at Aba, and off Aba along port Harcourt

After we were done and coming back, we got to enyimba
Junction/bakassi,coman see ipob boys terrorizing people, everyone
running for their lives. We kept on moving but slowly and noticed that
the road was kinda dry. Before we knew it ipob boys rushed out from
nowhere and attacked our hilux, they where more than 15, carrying
different weapons, one of them used shovel...


We love these official photos from Queen Powede Lawrence and Ikenna’s wedding

Former Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria 2013 (Tourism) Powede Lawrence walked down the aisle on September 9 in Lagos and we brought you some first photos from the flamboyant wedding which had lots of celebrities in attendance (HERE).

Powede dancing with her mum

On Thursday, September 7, Powede and Ikenna aka Eniola and Nelly celebrated their
traditional union. It was a joyful meeting of Yoruba and Igbo cultures.

The groom wore an Agbada by Vodi Tailors while Powede started the day by
representing both cultures in a stunning green AsoOke look designed in
an Igbo-bridal inspired style with an off-shoulder blouse and skirt with
a double-wrapper effect. Such a creative look crafted by Tubo.

Later in the day, the couple both changed outfits with Ikenna in full
Igbo angel mode in a traditional Igbo wedding attire while Powede
displayed the...


All you should know about the new iphone x

Ten years after Apple launched its first iPhone, they have revealed the iPhone X.
It has no home button, scans your face to log you in and costs $999.

company unveiled the anniversary edition smartphone, alongside an
iPhone 8 and its bigger sibling, the iPhone 8 Plus, at a press event at
the brand new Apple Park campus in Cupertino on Tuesday. The company
also announced a new Apple Watch with a cellular connection, an Apple TV
that streams 4K video, and gave the public its first peek at the
circular Steve Jobs Theater.
The new iPhone X kills the home
button to make space...

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