This beautiful Nigerian lady is looking for a husband, just have hands and leg to qualify

In a bid to get a husband, a desperate beautiful Nigerian lady, Racheal Ugorji, has taken to Facebook to announce that she is in search of a husband!

According to her, anyone can serve, as far as he has hands and legs. She also promised to shave off her hair if it pleases him.
She wrote:

Ma niggas i have been waiting for u guys to come and do d needful, my dm has been open my inbox has been open, please na i need to get married. Am not expensive at all infact i can stop using cream bikonu am tired. I can also shave off my hair if you pleases uo, just as long as u have two hands and legs we can also live in a batcher no fear. Am waiting abeg man na man

Oya KFBers, go and apply oh!… No body should laugh biko, i am purging in my eyes! LOL!


South African radio personality, Pearl Modiadie, surprises her father with new home (Video, Photos)

South African television and radio personality Pearl Modiadie surprised her father with a new luxury home.

Modiadie, who co-hosts The Great Escape on Metro FM, bought
a house in Johannesburg, demolished it and then built a better house.

She said building a big house for her father was something that she had
always wanted to do. Modiadie said after she lost her mother, at the age
of 10, she felt...


American professional mourner, Sylvester Ricardo Moss lists his rates on Facebook

A self acclaimed professional mourner, Sylvester Ricardo Moss, has taken to Facebook to list his rates for mourning!

The Aeronautics graduate from the University of LOWA, revealed that he charges as high as $1000, depending on ones request.
He shared photos of himself crying and wrote:

Do you want to boost your funeral?
Hire me....the professional mourner to come and cry at the funeral.
Below are the "Summer Special" prices:

1. Normal crying $50
2. Bahamian hollering $100
3. Crying and rolling on the ground $150
4. Crying and threatening to jump into the grave $200
5. Crying and actually jumping in the grave $1000
Inbox me for bookings


Nigerians mock extra year student of Microbiology, paraded with the items he allegedly stole at Awolowo Hall, OAU

Most extra year students only think of how to clear their papers and graduate from the university but for the young man above, he was thinking of how to steal items from student's hostel!

The extra year student was paraded for allegedly stealing items which included: Text books, shoes, clothes, bread toaster, bags, radio etc from unsuspecting students at Awolowo Hall, Obafemi Awolowo University [OAU].
Some Nigerians asked if he wanted to open a boutique! LOL! But wait oh, does he want to open a super market???
Trust Nigerians to always mock! Checkout their reactions below...

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