Teacher accused of sexual misconduct, posted out of Queen’s College to King’s College


Olaseni Oshifala, the biology teacher at Queen’s College accused of sexual molestation of students last year, has finally been posted out of the school, TheCable reports.

Oshifala was posted to King’s College, an all-boys school, by the education ministry in August. The posting of the controversial teacher, pending the conclusion of a fresh investigation, was not made public by the education ministry.

He has since reported at his new duty post. In June, Adamu Adamu, the minister of education, said government was reopening investigations into the Oshifala case.

In March 2016, Chinenye Okoye, a student, had alleged that Oshifala sexually molested her. Some other students reportedly made the same claim. The claims sparked off a public outcry as parents and citizens called for the prosecution of the teacher.

 However, an investigative panel set up by the education ministry cleared Oshifala of any wrong doing because “none of his accusers was willing to testify publicly”.

Queen’s College old girls had set up an investigative fact-finding panel which indicted the teacher and also revealed that the accusation by Chinenye was the sixth against Oshifala.

 Many stakeholders believe the matter had been swept under the carpet until the CRY FOR JUSTICE series published by TheCable.


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