Speeddarlington makes $135 dollars from music sales for first time in 7 years

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Bangdandang Cronner, Speeddarlington made $135  from the sales of the hit track and it’s bursting his bubble!

The US based Nigerian rapper, took to Instagram to celebrate, revealing
its the first time he has made that much from music sales in 7 years.

Lmaoooo! Thank God! Finally I have made $100 & more from music
selling. After 7 years I been releasing music singles + video to help
push it. #BangDadaDangdone make me money lol. Still grateful *My Party* made me 13$. He wrote


Gulder Ultimate Search 3 winner, Hector Jobarteh’s murder was cult-related

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The Lagos state Police has made a statement following the arrest of
three suspects in the murder of Gulder Ultimate Search 3 winner, Hector

He was shot in his home on Sunday after armed men trailed him from the airport where he reportedly went to pick up his brother.

Police say “The residents picked the faces of some of the suspects,”.
From information they have gathered, the law enforcers say, “it
appeared to be a reprisal. There are some pointers that it had something
to do with cultism.”

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