See church members flogging bare floor to flog the devil out of their lives (Video)

According to a Facebook user, Nwaku Confidence, an unidentified
pastor instructed his church members to come to service with canes in a
bid to flog out the devil from their lives.

The church members who
arrived the church with different canes were seen flogging the bare
floor so as to get the devil out of their lives.
After the
flogging, they made joyful noises unto the lord.
She wrote:

That’s how members were asked to come with Koboko to flog the hell out of the devil…
Who did this to us??

See video below…


Comedian Baba De Baba calls out Mark Angel and Emmanuella, accuses them of plagiarism

Comedian Baba De Baba has called out popular Youtube comedians, Mark Angel and Emmanuella of Mark Angel Comedy for plagiarism!

LIB reports that, Baba accused Mark of stealing contents from popular comedians to shoot his viral skits

'If you know Mark Angel tell him to stop using comedians jokes to
shoot skits because the God that blessed him can also give him the brain
to be original. I sent him a message on WhatsApp and he read and
ignored, I called and he didn't pick. All I told him is that he should
delete the episode 100 from his YouTube account and also from his hard

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