Psquare: Peter and Paul, nobody wins when the family feuds

 Peter and Paul Okoye should stop washing their dirty linen in public.

The story of Cain and Abel is one of the popular stories in the Bible.

It’s a story that has stayed with many of us. Cain killed his brother
Abel because he envied the way God blessed him. The story of Cain and
Abel is the first story of sibling rivalry in the Bible.

Thousands of years later, we are reading about a new sibling rivalry,
the one between Peter and Paul Okoye. The twin brothers known as the
super pop group Psquare have been in a squabble for some time now.

The latest episode in this pop telenovela shows Peter and Paul fighting themselves.

The video clip which surfaced earlier today, Tuesday, September 26,
2017, shows the two brothers scuffling. Their big bro and manager Jude ‘
Engees’ Okoye is also in the now viral clip.

This is the first time we have evidence of the two brothers fighting.
Since 2014, we have heard rumours and read stories of the trouble
between Peter and Paul.

When the family drama reared its ugly head again in 2016, the
pessimists dismissed it as a publicity stunt. This video now shows us
how real the beef is between the twin bothers. Any initial illusion that
this has been recurring stunt has been thrown out of the window. This
is as real as it gets.

It’s an ugly sight when flesh and blood fights. Since the release of
“Last Nite” in 2003, Psquare has fed Nigerians with beautiful songs,
alluring hooks, ravishing videos and exquisite albums. It wouldn’t be
wrong to call Psquare legendary.

One of the main selling points of Psquare is that it is made up of
identical twins who are good at what they do. Nigerians have a soft spot
for twins.

In the beginning, Peter and Paul both performed electric dance moves
on the stage and in their music videos. Later on, they would concentrate
on their individual strengths. Peter, the showman focused more on
dancing and Paul the musician focused more on the music.

Another strategy that has made Psquare evergreen is the group’s
no-nonsense and strictly business approach to making music. Peter and
Paul have crafted songs and albums that cater to the tastes of
Nigerians. The group doesn’t force feed the audience. It creates music
according to the consumer’s tastes.

Joke Silva scolds people they help ailing colleagues and publicise it

The brothers have never pretended to be music saviours nor paraded
themselves as highly artistic. Psquare gives people what they want- feel
good and easy to consume music.

The strategy has worked for over a decade. Many artists and groups have come and gone but Psquare has remained.

A decade after its debut album, the family feud would begin. In 2014,
cracks began to appear in the Okoye empire with stories of the twins
fighting themselves. There were rumours that Peter and Paul were going
to split. It never happened as they reconciled shortly after.

They released an album after that infamous squabble titled “Double
Trouble”. The album produced hits such as ‘Shekini’ and ‘E ja jo’
featuring T.I. It was a success but some felt that the sibling rivalry
rubbed Psquare of some of its shine.

Two years later, the in-house fighting would spill all over social
media. It was worse this time around and it wasn’t short-lived. The
brothers (Jude Okoye included) dragged themselves on Instagram. It felt
like a bad TV series at some point. The white flag was raised by all
parties later on but we guess the scars never truly healed based on what
we are watching now.

We are now back to the in-fighting with Instagram captions, a letter
to a lawyer, and an embarrassing video. It is sort of sad to see Peter
and Paul reach this level after years of hard work and sacrifice.

Nobody wins when the family feuds raps JAY-Z in his confessional LP
“4:44”. This is more than just a dope bar in Sean Carter’s coming of age
masterpiece. It’s a cautionary line that serves to remind brothers and
brothers-in-arms that conflict hinders progress.

There is nothing wrong with Peter and Paul going their separate ways.
It’s how they are going about it that is the problem. The public
fighting is threatening Psquare’s legacy.

The pop group has worked so hard to be relevant for years. It would
be a shame to see its legacy messed up by Peter and Paul not dealing
with their issues behind closed doors.

Is this how they want to end this? They should ride into the sunset
but instead, they are tearing up what they have achieved. Nobody wins
when the family feuds. Peter and Paul would be on the losing end if this
drama continues.

Credits :- PulseNG


  1. Hmmm…this is deep.
    If not for anything,but for the sake of their children, they should get their acts together and settle whatever grievances they have against themselves.

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