Paul Okoye reacts to the video of the fight between him, Peter and Jude Okoye

Peter and Jude Okoye fight

The fight between the three brothers, Peter, Paul and Jude Okoye is now getting messier.

Early this morning, LIB exclusively shared a viral video of Okoye
brothers, Peter, Paul and Jude almost about to exchange blows at their
lawyer’s office (HERE).

Paul Okoye has now taken to his twitter handle to react to the video which is currently trending online.

Read what he wrote below;


Some mechanics can not make heaven – Lara Wise on her experience with one

Lara Wise on her experience

AIT presenter Lara Wise, is seriously angry with her mechanic as she
took to social media to let everyone know mechanics will not make

Sharing her experience with one, she wrote:
He is not my mechanic. My mechanic of
over four years is far from my house. This guy is just a walking
distance away from my house. We see everyday as I drive out and in. We
got acquainted over the years having realized we share the same faith.
He is so passionate about God. I would sometimes stop by to gist. We
would talk politics, faith, and life in general. He fixed very minor
problems on the car ranging from replacing lose screws to greasing tight
knots. Minor...


Couple Who Have No Pictures Of Their Wedding Day, Have A Photoshoot, 60 Years Later, In São Paulo

It was 1957 when they started writing this story. His grandfather made the yard, the aunt made the cake, the godmother sewed the dress. It was the day of the wedding of the Rosary and the Russian boy.

The family gathered to celebrate. In their hearts FAITH to build a good life together. They had no idea that they would be parents and 9 children, 16 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren and that they would be seeing all these 60 years later. Everything kept in the memory, however … they had no photo to show.

Thus, suppliers from the interior of São Paulo gathered to offer the couple a record to illustrate this chapter. A mini wedding prepared with the excellence and complicity of all those involved in HOPE to draw a rescue from the moment it all began and...


Gospel Singer, Buchi Narrates How A Little Child Saved Him From Abductors In The North

Gospel Singer, Buchi Narrates How A Little Child Saved Him From Abductors In The North
Nigerian Gospel singer, Buchi narrated how a little boy saved him from the Islamic militants in the Northern part of Nigeria.

Buchi took to his instagram page to share the photo below for illustration and wrote;

“My Testimony.!. I
went to the Northern part of Nigeria, West Africa to minister as a
gospel artiste some years back. As I got off the stage after
ministration, there was this car waiting to take me to my hotel room
with my protocol and security personnel. I put my left leg into the car
and was about to lift my right leg but somebody...

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