My mother’s pride is tearing my family apart! – Nigerian man cries

A Nigerian man has cried out on how his mother’s pride is tearing his family apart! According to him, she doesn’t regard her husband and disrespects him!

He wrote:

My mum is very beautiful, and successful yoruba woman but dosent regard her husband a bit,
Trouble got out hands when she got her first car and her husband who
is an engineer doesnt have one yet,she then became pompous and over
protective of the car that even those around; church and family knew
that popxy doesnt own the car. Mumc is an established fashion designer
and holds several positions in Nigerian Union ofTailors, as a result of
this she comes home very late not givin any excus. As time goes by she
stopped cooking him as she is always busy with work or travelling on
state sponsored trips she does not bother to notify her husband whenever
she is travelling.
There was a day i was so angry kus even my
friends have started to take note and it becoming embarrasing, so i
spoke with her, while talking she broke down in tears, she said she is
the one responsible for 80 percent of the house expenses that popcy
recieves 400k monthly bt always complaining of bin broke, she said other
things i cant really type here.
This went own for a long time,
they soon became enemies in the same house everyone going there way
doing things differently, admist all these popsy has never rised his
voice on her even when mumcy somethings did very annoing stuffs.
the heat of this, popsy impregnated another babe although i have never
seen the woman nor the child since birth which is close to two years.
He apologised and promised to never bring them to interfere in our
However this literary set our house on fire. While mumc was
gettin over the haertbraek, she promised to get back at him which i
didnt undesrand then.
Early this year, mumc bought 2 cars at ones,
i was very surprised as she normally tell me her moves, she gave me one
while she uses the other one. What broke myy hear was that she kept
the one she was using before under cover when i asked her why she
didnt allow popxy have that one she said she he should go buy his own
and warned me that the day she will see him use my car na problem .
For sometime now she has been joking about moving us out of the country without his knowlege.
Popxy right now has facilitated his tramsfer to delta state.
Now they dont even see neida do they communicate again
the whole thing is driving me insane as i dont see popman coming to the house again pls guys help a brother what do i do
excuse my typo and coherence.

Tireni Adebayo

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