Muma Gee opens up on crashed marriage: Prince Eke proposed to four ladies while still married to me

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Popular Nigerian artiste, Muma Gee’s
marriage to her popular actor husband, Prince Eke, broke up late last
year with the latter, accusing the artiste of infidelity and some other
issues. Muma, who had yet to talk about what transpired in her marriage,
eventually opened up to Saturday Beats about how her marriage broke up in an exclusive phone interview.

Talking about the marriage scandal, Muma
said, “It is exactly one year ago that I separated from my ex- husband.
But then, he gave the impression that the issue happened in December
2016.  I put in my best as an African woman to ensure the marriage
lasted. Because of his antecedent, I had almost called off my wedding. I
had already done the traditional marriage. The sign that I saw then
would have made me to call it off. I didn’t go ahead to do a court
wedding after the church wedding. This is just the singular reason. I
saw what was coming. But I tried for six years to make it work. I gave
up my career; I gave up all I had built over the years to become a full
time housewife. It is enough sacrifice for somebody to say thank you. If
I weren’t a good, submissive housewife, you would have long heard the
story. It’s quite unfortunate that he decided to carry out a campaign of
calumny against such a person that gave up her career just to build a
home with him in the sight of man and God. If knees could peel based on
prayers, mine would have had sores because I prayed ceaselessly for my
marriage to work. I thank God I am not barren. God gave me three kids.”
But Saturday Beats reminded Muma that the husband had accused her of abandoning her kids and leaving for Abuja.
 But the artiste wondered why anybody would believe such a story.
She said, “Why would anybody think that
after carrying a baby in my womb, I would leave a two-month old baby and
run away?  A woman who just had a baby, scientifically, has not healed
enough to mess around. If you just have a baby and your pocket money has
run out and nobody is providing for you, then you have to do what you
can with your talent in order for you not to starve. With the pain of
childbirth, when he could not provide for me and the children during the
early months of nursing, I had to get up and go for a show that was
booked for me by an events company. I just wanted to put food on my
table for my children. My mother was there, I had two other helps. It
was a one day show. I went and I came back. But the person who said I
abandoned the baby had left us two months earlier! Yes, he had left the
house like six times before the last one. The last one, I said I had
tried. I told God to let His will be done.
Responding to allegation of infidelity, Muma said it was her ex who was “very unfaithful” in the marriage.
“He said I was seen with men, who are
the men? Where is the proof? I am a high chief. Why would you come out
and lie against somebody who has been kind to you? There is nemesis for
all of this. I knew there was a victim he wanted to impress. Last May, I
got a call from a woman who told me that she and my ex were supposed to
get married but he had run away to the US. The lady said she was sorry
that she got involved with him. That was not the first time but the
fourth time somebody who was married to me would propose to four
different women during my marriage. Come on! You don’t know half of what
I have gone through. I only leave it to God. When I had my twins, a
woman based in America called Gina sent me a friend request on Facebook
and I accepted. Then she sent me her naked pictures and my ex in bed. My
ex had proposed to this same woman on a Valentine’s Day and April of
that year, I was delivered of a set of twins and the pictures went
viral. This lady ran mad and looked for me on FB. The street I live in
Port Harcourt is named after me. This woman told me that a girl on that
street gave birth to a child for my husband. She sent me the picture of
the baby. I had heard that he had slept with most of the actresses in
Nollywood especially the up and coming ones. But I didn’t care. I wanted
to keep my home. I had been in pains all through the years I was
married. He had an affair with the DCO of the police station in the area
we lived in Port Harcourt. Two of them used to wear the same attire to
attend police functions. Everybody felt the policewoman was the wife of
my ex. This DCO is even a married woman.
“There was a day he came home and said
he was done with our marriage. He went to the drawer where we kept the
wedding certificate and he tore it to pieces. I still have the pieces
packed in a nylon bag. He and this police woman planned to take my kids
from me. This was April 2015. He packed my kids’ clothes into a box and
he and the woman took my kids to the motherless babies’ home. Later in
the evening, I got a call from the orphanage saying they needed my
approval for them to accept my kids at the motherless babies’ home. I
screamed! Later on, a policeman brought my kids back home. Just
recently, another woman called me that she had spent $7000 dollars on my
ex. She saw my children’s picture on my ex’s DP and she went mad. I
told her that I wished her luck.”
Apart from the infidelity issues,
Prince, on his social media handle, had said, “If infidelity, aldultery
and certain fetish activties do not make you restless, then prepare to
rest in peace.”  So many people believed the tweet was directed at his
wife, Muma. Reacting to the festish aspect, Muma went down memory lane
about what she alleged transpired when her ex was kidnapped few years
“He was kidnapped in December 2015. I
know how I fought and raised money to pull him out. I paid the ransom
with my money. My church gave me N100, 000. We had N200, 000 left to
complete the money. Two of his elder brothers brought N100, 000 each. I
didn’t sleep again because these brothers kept disturbing me that I must
refund this money. I looked for the money and I gave them. One of his
cousins, Chidi Eke, gave us N100, 000 and never asked for refund. At the
end of the whole thing, I was put through the highest trauma of my
life. His brothers conspired with their other relatives and they
gathered in their home that I wanted their brother dead. They said I
must swear an oath. I was shocked. I told them I was not going to
swear.  They said while he was with the kidnappers, the kidnappers were
calling me and I refused to pick their calls. I told them the secret
service ordered me not to pick any call as they were investigating the
kidnap. But then, December 29, they gathered and said I should take the
oath. Coincidentally, one of their sisters was getting married that day.
I removed my shoes and on bare feet, I told them that God was watching
us. I told them I was not picked on the street by their brother. I told
them that all of them that tried to humiliate me, may whatever they did
to me be accrued to their daughters and sisters. I raised this curse and
the man who was holding the things I was supposed to swear with said
they should hold on and we would reconvene again. We never did. My ex
eventually became born again after he was released from the kidnappers’
den. He went to church and gave testimony that he was filming in Asaba
and he left Asaba for Owerri where he had gone to see a native doctor
who had given him a ring.  He said he was on his way back to Port
Harcourt when the kidnappers accosted him. I used to think he was
fetish-free. He told the whole church that God wanted to use the kidnap
case to reorder his steps to God. I was dazed! I couldn’t believe what I
was hearing. For him to turn around and say that I am fetish, it is
The musician also revealed that she suffered domestic violence in the hands of her ex.
“I would have still forgiven him as I
always forgave him each time he walked out of the marriage and came back
after a couple of months. But this last time, he held my neck tightly
and said he was going to kill me. I was holding my two-month-old baby.
He gave me a dirty slap and the baby was thrown out of my hand and the
baby’s head hit the bed. It wasn’t the first time he would grab my neck
and torment me. He had beaten me a couple of times. But the last beating
came with, ‘you are finished!’ he said he was done with me. Shortly
before I gave birth, I had sold one of my lands. He gave me N100, 000
and said as I was going to the village; I should buy sand and concrete
for the house he was building in the village. But I finished the money I
got from selling my land on his building in the village. I loaned him
N500, 000 and when trouble started and I needed money to feed the kids, I
asked him for the money. That was when he beat me, held my neck and
said he was going to kill me and that I was finished. When he released
me, I told him he was not God and that I was not finished. He packed out
of the house and checked into a hotel. Once in a while, he would call
the house help and tell her to dress the children and he would take them
out and then he would send one of his girlfriends to bring back the
kids. It was after this incident that I had to look for an agent and I
begged her to book shows for me so that hunger would not kill me and my
children since he had stopped taking care of us.”
Muma however said she has moved on and
rebranded. After the dust of the marriage crash, the mother of three has
given her career massive attention as she has gone ahead to release a
new single which she said would drop very soon.
She said, “African Woman Skillashy is my
latest song and it will drop in few weeks. I attached so much depth and
importance to it because of what it connotes. It is a totality of an
African woman. Women are supposed to be on their game and we are
supposed to put our potential to good use to make the world a better
place.  That is why the woman has inbuilt traits to carry out certain
duties that a man cannot do. One of them is giving birth. It is a
mysterious thing. A woman deserves all the support, honour, love and
everything to be able to fulfil her destiny.  My team agreed that we
should support AWS with a couple of bonus tracks such as ‘Scream,’
‘Stolen’ and ‘Adoration.’ We will come out with an extended play but AWS
is the one we are really promoting. It is a club banger. We are
shooting the video and both will drop soon.
“I have no regret that I slowed down. I
just had to kill the brand Muma Gee. I shut down suddenly. I was at my
peak and I went off! The next news was that I got married. I wanted to
reboot a new brand. I had to kill my brand because it was becoming too
heavy. I didn’t know the brand would become that big. People were almost
worshipping the brand. Now my new brand is just different from what we
were used to. Other females have succeeded in leveraging on the brand
that I created and they took it to their level. Nobody can beat the new
Muma Gee brand. I have come back to take my place.”
Meanwhile, Saturday Beats reached out to
Prince Eke to get his own side of the story, his phone was switched
off. He did not acknowledge the text message that was also sent to him.

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