More details have emerged from the placard carrying wife

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More details have emerged from the placard carrying wife. It went viral yesterday that popular philanthropist, KBKONLINE, reached out to him, but was stunned to fined out that the man is NOT willing to accept any job with a monthly salary less than 200,000.
Ladun Liadi Blog has posted that the lady in question has relayed what actually happened. Here is what she wrote:
Without adding salt or sugar, we present to you her FULL MAIL…Ladun’s Blog
I am the lady in question. I am not actually an online person per say; but I happen to be one of the avid readers of Ladun’s blogs. I am really very surprised at what I saw. This man called me and told me he owns a foundation and he will love to help and I really appreciated his effort.  He asked me where my husband currently works and I told him.  He said ‘wow, so he really has such experience and he hasn’t been converted yet. He then asked how much are we looking at; I told him he has over 11 years experience as an I.T engineer so We will be looking for something higher that can take care of d family this time; like 6 digits. Continue..
“owing him salaries for months” I never said this to you sir.

Now, because i said 6 digits salary this person is now broadcasting it over social media in an attempt to make us look bad and possibly make it difficult for the us to get a ‘real job’ that we are seeking for.
@kbkonline possibly called us for the job to seek cheap popularity for himself  and so called foundation, not to help us as claimed….
Also, because we said 6 digit salary , in your mind that meant ‘we do not need employment that bad’ in your own words. We should be our brother’s keeper( Heb 13:1…Rom 12:10….1peter3:8)
Sincerely….Any graduate in our shoes, would have said exactly what i said. Is there not a Yoruba proverb that goes- “If you want to eat a toad, you eat the one full of eggs”?
I personally do not see any wrong in my sincerity. I became totally amazed to have seen our response painted in black on social media.
Mr.KBK I sincerely do not know you but our God knows you . The awareness I did was not my thought or my idea but God’s instructions. I feel that every promotion needs sacrifice and I sacrificed my ego to put this to work so as to bring God’s promise for my marriage to reality.
Mind you, Our Divine helpers are thirsty to help us. And people that have heard the voice of our God to help us are doing that. I’d continue to do this if it means well for our future. We will not beg or settle for less as thought and we will be happy eventually.God is on our side d he will put smiles on our faces.
The voice that parted the Red Sea and brought water out of the rock will open doors of unimaginable blessings for my husband and my my marriage ijn.
You will be alive to celebrate with us IJN.
I put you in d spot light of the most High God. God bless you sir..

Serena Williams writes open letter to her mother, asks for a promise (Photo)

American professional tennis player and multiple award winner, Serena Williams who gave birth to her first child some days back has written a wonderful open letter to her own mother and also ask her for a promise.
Recall that yesterday, she took to Twitter to pen this...
“It’s very weird for me to believe I have a child… a KID. I’m a mom. A real MOM” Serena shared on Twitter, few hours ago.
Today she wrote to her mother in a lengthy post...
She wrote:
“Dear Mom,
You are one of the strongest women I know. I was looking at my daughter (OMG, yes,...

Man Sets Bank On Fire After Having To Wait To Withdraw Savings

An angry customer named Nur Islam, set fire to his bank after he had to wait to take out his savings in Melbourne, Australia.

Islam faces 108 charges after he allegedly poured petrol through the
branch of Commonwealth Bank in Melbourne, Australia, before setting it

At the time, staff and customers – including a mum with a pram – were inside the building.

A court in Melbourne was shown CCTV of Islam, 22, apparently walking into the bank while emptying a cannister behind him.

The footage shows terrified customers fleeing as the place goes up in flames.
According to Yahoo News Australia, Islam became angry at the length of time he had to wait to withdraw his $442 savings.

He allegedly went and bought several litres of fuel before returning
to the bank. He is then accused of pouring...


Nollywood actress, Eniola Ajao in multi-million deal!

may be looking up for Nollywood actress, Eniola Ajao, as there are
feelers from reliable quarters that she may be smiling to the bank to
the tune of millions of Naira, having just secured a plum deal with a
sports betting company.

Although, the information is yet to be in the
public domain, the actress, we gathered, has been in a happy mood over
the done deal, which will definitely change her status.

The Epe, Lagos
state-born babe, who has been consistent in the Yoruba movie scene for a
while now, has yet to come out declare to the public her new status,
may have just joined the elite league of showbiz personalities who have
put their faces as endorsements to some known brands and products, and
have raked in substantial amount and privileges from...

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