KFB Movie Review: ‘What Lies Within’ will make you leave the cinema wanting your money back

What Lies Within

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Synopsis: What
Lies Within chronicles 24 hours in the lives of two women as they are
thrust into the centre of an incident that could have far-reaching
consequences on their lives and their loves ones. (Written by FilmHouse
Cinemas)   Starring:  Ebele Okaro-Onyiuke, Ken Erics, Vanessa Nzediegwu, Tope Tedela, Okey Uzoeshi, Kiki Omeili, Paul Utomi, Michelle Dede.  

Verdict: Great concept. Terrible execution. Bad acting.
Plus superimposed audio that sounds horribly creepy and painfully
robotic are the things that lie within. Added to all that, is a
ridiculous ending that is so irritatingly annoying, we guarantee you
will leave the cinema wanting your money back. We know we did.

Because ultimately, ‘What Lies Within’ is the kind of movie you pay one
hundred Naira to rent from your local video club. Not one you shell One
Thousand Five Hundred Naira minus popcorn to see. If you do, you will
regret it. Guaranteed!

Not recommended. Save your money.

PS: If you do decide to see this, ensure you wait till the epilogues are
over. There’s one last scene hidden there. Unfortunately, it will only
serve to irritate you even further.

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Toke Makinwa’s N1 million dress: 3 ways to spend all that cash

Toke Makinwa

Popular on-air-personality, Toke Makinwa was a picture of elegance in
a $2,700 Sylvie Chain print silk dress by Gucci today (Thursday,
September 21).
The N1 million dress positions the sociable damsel as a keen style student who has money to live her dream.
With a beautiful pad, lovely wardrobe and successful career, everything suits her well.
But those who want to be like her should think deeply before splashing N1 million on a dress that you cannot wear often.

Those who are not as rich as Toke Makinwa, here are ways N1 million
can be put to more rewarding avenues...

1. Start that business you have always dreamt of.

2. Invest in property.

3. Invest in educating yourself (maybe masters or a short course that will transform your life).
Source: Encomium


Revolutionary method of selecting your baby’s sex now in Nigeria

 With just N49,500, you can now select the sex of your baby!
And all you need is now in Nigeria, courtesy of HumGene Limited. Maryam
Ajikobi, the CEO/Managing Director of HumGene Limited, explains this
revolutionary method which is just 6 months old in an exclusive
interview with

selecting your baby’s sex now in Nigeria

Trained in Canada, the Geneticist is happy to introduce the new method of sex selection to Nigeria…
What is this new method of sex selection about? What is it called?

It lets you assist nature in choosing the gender of your baby. It is called Select a SEX Maternal Patch.

Who pioneered...


Mide Martins is all shades of beautiful in this bridal look book

Nollywood actress Mide Funmi Martins
is all shades of beautiful in new photos on Instagram. The mother of
two who is married to movie director Afeez Abiodun was pictured looking
like a bride in new photos and the bridal glow has left us wowed!

If we didn’t know better we would think the actress was about to walk the aisle and not just modelling for a bridal shop.

Gorgeously decked in an all white wedding dress, Mide was also made up to have the bridal glow, with all the laces and frills.

This might just inspire the actress to have the white wedding she missed for her her next marriage anniversary…

See more photos!

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