‘I can gladly say that I never cheated’ – Chris Attoh says as he gives marriage advice

It is no longer news that the 2-year-old marriage of Ghanaian actor, Chris Attoh to actress, Damilola Adegbite crashed. He has revealed that he never cheated on his wife after being accused of cheating on her. Read below…
During a Podcast interview with to Bola Ray on Starr Chat, a female listener who recently got married asked Chris for advice and he said;

Marriage is a beautiful thing and more importantly, Marriage is serious business. It’s a partnership, it’s not a game of chess and if you look into your bible, you will find out that God said, a man who finds a wife finds a good thing. It also says that man is better off on his own but if you do find a wife, you find a good thing. So it’s an addition, you are an addition to that destiny.

I think that we have forgotten what the fundamentals of marriage comes down to. When you love someone, you should be able to forgive, respect, submit and these are the things that are important.
Speaking further, Chris Attoh said that women should learn to trust the husband, who are the captain of the ship if they want peace. He said;
As a woman, you need to trust the captain of the ship. It’s truly important if you want peace in your home and I will always always resound this, it is amazing how many lessons you would find in your bible. If you’re a Christian, trust me, it’s your bible that will get you through your marriage days.
Bola asked him if overlooks all the advice he is giving in his own marriage and if that was why it crashed, Chris Attoh replied saying “No one is perfect and I’m not here to talk about my marriage”
Asked if he has any regrets about the crashed marriage Chris Attoh replied no, saying that he has gained a wealth of experience. 
I feel like life is too short for any regrets. everything that happens, happens for a reason. I have a beautiful baby boy, I have a wealth of experience and I have a lot of work to do. There are a lot of youths out there that needs to be guided. He said
Another listener called in saying that he is lying and accused him of cheating on his wife which she alleged led to the crash of the marriage. Chris Attoh denied the allegations saying that he never cheated on his wife. He said;
I can gladly say that I never cheated because I didn’t find a reason to. when you keep yourself busy as well, it helps.
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