Eniola Badmus at 40! Actress releases stunning new photos to celebrate

Big, Bold and beautiful Nigerian actress, Eniola Badmus is 40 today! And she she just released her hottest photos yet to celebrate her day.

She wrote:

“My maker, all I’ve in heaven and earth is you. You’ve shown me much
love and kindness these past years. Forever will I be grateful.
Thank You Lord for all the beautiful happenings in my life in the past
years. It can only be You, Lord how excellent You are? You’ve shown me
much more than I deserve. And I thank you for granting me yet another
year with good success.
Who am I to have enjoyed your love, care, gift, miracles and much more? But, You’ve kept me this far. Thank You O Lord
You’re the reason I live. You’re the reason I breathe. You’re the
reason I flourish. You’re the reason for everything good in my life.
Today being my birthday, Lord, I ask for forgiveness. I ask for joy and
happiness. I ask for success at all times. Amen.
Awesome God, I bless your name for making me witness another year of fulfilment.
Everlasting Father, I appreciate your kindness and love You’ve shown to me…..#EniolaBadmus #EniolaBadmusbirthday”


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