AY comedian scales the fence of 2face’s house to attend his birthday

Ayo makun at 2baba’s party
Popular comedian and Ayo Makun was one of of the privileged guests at the surprise birthday of singer 2face Idibia and unlike every other person, Ayo Makun did not come in through the gate.

The comedian whose house is only a fence away from the singer’s house
took the short route by scaling the fence from his compound and landing
in 2face’s compound to join in the celebration.

about his mode of ‘arrival’ AY thinks it would have been a long journey
to go out of his house and arrive at 2face’s house through the gate
when he could just jump in through the fence.
“He is my neighbour and our fences are low and easy to jump” he explained
While speaking about the celebrant, Ay mentions that his neighbour is
a very great man whose greatest mission in life is to see every one
successful and great like himself. He prayed for him and wished him more
years of greatness.

Watch video below:


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Thousands ran into the streets in panic, and millions lost electricity when the quake struck around...

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