“Autocorrect has finally finished me” – Nigerian man laments after ‘insulting’ mother

A Nigerian man identified as @itsBollyLomo on social media, shared a screenshot of how auto-correct, corrected a message he sent to his mom.

He shared the screenshot with the caption:

“Autocorrect has finally finished me”

Nigerians immediately trooped in to the thread to react Hilariously. See some comments below;
@LordOreos_ wrote: “Go collect her phone. Delete am.”

@TheFJAY_ wrote: “Better go and start reciting The Lord’s Prayer”

Another user, who felt the screenshot might be fake, asked why a grown man will be addressing his mother with “How Far?”.. But then, a user quickly pointed out that the mother probably went somewhere, and he was only asking her, How Far it went..: “Probably she went somewhere and he was like mum how far. Like how far the place she went to I guess”

“Uncle just quickly share your properties and pick site for burial with immediate effect”

While others are waiting for a screenshot of his mother’s reply.


Scientist reveal age range to marry to avoid divorce

Scientist have revealed the age range to marry to avoid divorce...

For years, divorce research led us to believe that marrying later than 32 is related to lower odds of divorce. But a study from 2015, which has recently resurfaced, has thrown doubt over that conclusion.

Led by the Institute of Family Studies at the University of Utah, the research revealed that couples who marry in their late twenties or early thirties face the lowest odds of divorce.

After analysing data from the 2006-10 and 2011-13 National Survey of Family Growth, the study, which was led by Nick Wolfinger, suggested that to boost the chances of a lasting marriage, couples should get hitched between the ages of 28 and 32.

Unsurprisingly, researchers found...


This ‘default response’ of Anthony Joshua, to someone with Iphone 8 asking him for favours is hilarious

Boxing Champion, Anthony Joshua has stated what his response will be for anyone who owns an iphone 8 and still asking him for favors.
According to him, if you own an iphone 8 and you come to him for help he would tell you ‘Gerry awtt of here, Ewure Oshi (Stupid Goat)’.

Anthony Joshua took to his snapchat account to warn any iphone 8 user who dares ask him for help. He wrote; If anybody ask me for a favour sporting the new iphone 8! worth 900pounds + i’ll say gerrrooouuuttt offf heayyyyy!! ewure oshi! Money for iphone when you cant pay your rent…pay for your car…pay for your insurance…priortise Word to Tolu Ogunmefun


The reason why this CEO dyes her blond hair will make you shake your head (Photo)

A female CEO has changed the color of her hair for an impressive reason. It's absolutely not what you think.
Silicon Valley CEO, Eileen Carey, says she dyes her blond hair brown to be taken more seriously in the tech world.
According to her, she made the decision, based on research, to change her perception so that it improved the likelihood of being taken more seriously as a leader, as opposed to maybe as a sexual object.
It stated with a friend’s advice to act proactively against the offensive stereotype of blond women as empty-headed or frivolous.
While running her company as a blonde in a male-dominated workforce, Carey said she feared her hair color made it less likely she would be taken seriously by potential investors.

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