Aba Crisis: We might get burnt again – Facebook user writes

Coming after the alleged killing and destruction of properties of Hausa people in Aba, and the alleged killing of IPOB members by the Nigerian military, Nigerian Facebook user, Ifemkpa Kenneth Chuba, has written an interesting piece!

Enjoy below….

” Its easy to start a war, but even more difficult to stop one, since
its beginning and end are not under the control of the same man. Anyone
even a coward, can commence a war, but it can be brought to an end only
through the consent of the victor.”
Sallust Jugurtha LXXXVIII.
When I was a just a kid, I had this affiliation for burning candles. I
would go on it endlessly for hours, fiddling with the melted wax, toying
with the flame, there were moments I
see myself as a dragon ( Daenerys’ targaryen dragon if you like)
breathing out fire more or less like the burning candle. My mum’s
warning fell on deaf ears, ” a child that plays with fire always get
burnt “, she would say. But as you know, boys will always be boys, until
eventually I burnt my finger and everything changed.I stayed away from candles, cold turkey. Although it took me a while to
fight my ‘candle-demons’ and a longer time to distance my imaginations
from dragons, I did get over it. But my change of attitude and divine
“calling” for candles wasn’t just because I got burnt but well rooted in
the fact that an imposing scar on my finger never left my sight or
subconscious mind. I learnt my lesson with a reminder as a souvenir.
1966 through 1970 was a horrible year for Nigeria. The Biafran war was
terrible, lives lost on both sides, starvation, genocide, billions of
dollars lost, practically the economy stood still while we hacked
ourselves to death. Now, fast forward to 2017, deja vu? well maybe or
maybe not, we ourselves will decide.
Why is the history of the
Biafran war never taught in schools? how come I only had a fragment of
the slightly biased but distorted story from my father and the painful
but bloated version from my mother?. How can I understand the pangs of
the Biafran war if we pretend it never happened? Why does the Government
think I can’t start another war now that I am grown? History has a way
of repeating itself. Violence begets violence.
The Buhari
Administration has to thread carefully, this country can’t survive
another civil war, we almost collapsed under boko haram and MEND. A
different approach is needed, there must be dialogue. If they could
negotiate with terrorist how much more IPOB. Southeasterners should
should apply caution and unwarranted provocation that will lead to
lost of life.
We toyed with burning candles in the past and we
seriously burnt our fingers, we hid the scar and threw caution to the
wind….. Let’s unwrap that scar and learn from its demons or we might


He lied! Mr Eazi’s LinkedIn profile reveals that he was only an intern at the company he claimed paid him $6k per month

Oluwatosin Oluwole Ajibade aka Mr Eazi's LinkedIn profile has confirmed his fans guesses earlier on, after they slammed him and said he was an I T student at the company he claimed paid him $6K per month! (Read Here)

Claiming that he left the juicy Portharcourt job for music, he wrote:

After I came back from Ghana, I got a job in oil and gas
in Port Harcourt that paid about six thousand dollars per month but I
quit because I was not finding fulfillment in it. I mean it was the same
thing everyday, the same routine over and over again. The decision to
quit the job finally hit me when my boss’ wife left him even with all
the money he had.


Exclusive: I work in a restaurant – 19 year old, Glorianna Eghe who flaunted her 3rd car in 2 years reveals (Be Inspired)

Few days ago, News of one 19 years old Glorianna Eghe Idubor, went viral after she flaunted her third car in two years! Many were happy for her and others asked how she was able to acquire such wealth at a young age!

Well Kemi Filani Blog had an exclusive chat with her, and she revealed to us that she is a Mechanical Engineer student in Norway and also works part time at her family restaurant - That is how she was able to save for her cars!

Glorianna Eghe

Read interview below....

About her

My name Is Glorianna Eghe Idubor. I am a 19...


Nnamdi Kanu is God, he created me – IPOB member, Udummiri Nwakalu proclaims

The Biafran Agitation has taken a new turn and staunch Biafram follower, Udummiri Nwakalu took to Facebook to proclaim that Nnamdi Kanu is God, and that the IPOB leader created him!

According to him, only "BRAVE" men worship Kanu!
Making the shocking post, Udummiri wrote:

Brave men worship our leader Nnamdi Kanu, fools worship other nonsense.
Our leader is God, the one who created me. If you dont like him, delete me from your list.

IPOB member, Udummiri Nwakalu

For the Records, there is ONLY one GOD, He is the King of Kings, the I...

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