Only God could have done this! The pains were much the few months after the accident

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There is nothing the Lord God can not  do.

I want to testify to  His touch upon my life.
I had this serious injury  having got my elbow broken when I slipped and fell  on my  left shoulder.
I was told it would take years to be healed  medically.
The pains were much the few months after the accident. What was I not given to reduce the pains? 
I had accepted the verdict  of the  medical personnel. 
I just joined  my friends at a Gospel meeting  for a revival program. 
Pastor E A Adeboye was ministrying.
Little did I  know that the Almighty God was planning to not only revive me but to touch  my body .
The Man of God told us  to lay our hands where we needed God’s touch. 
The Lord  moved for my healing. I received  instant healing. 
The Lord heals
And  HE delivers 
I bless the name of the Lord
Zamfara governor is "the most useless governor in the history of Nigeria" - Kadaria Ahmed

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