KFB Movie Review: Banana Island Ghost’ is not what was promised

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Synopsis: A
man meets God when he is in an accident and is informed he is going to
die. He begs for God to give him a chance to find his soulmate before
going to heaven, God’s grants his wish but his soulmate is the most
unlikely and unplanned gift ever. He must connect with her in 3 days and
help fight off the worst of the worst in this big bad world. (Written
by FilmHouse Cinemas)

Starring: Chigul, Patrick Diabuah, Edun Adetomiwa, Uche Jombo, Saidi Balogun.

Verdict: Ambitious. Subdued. Empty. After months of award winning marketing, in the end a stingy sprinkling of muffled laughs fail to save ‘Banana Island Ghost’ from being an ambitious failure. A growling colossus built on hype, pageantry and gimmicks, but hardly any substance. And not a single scenario worthy of sending the audience into a frenzy of thundering laughter. A let down- ‘Banana Island Ghost’ is not what was promised.

If the producers had invested the time they spent thinking up creative ways of piling on advertising amidst a decadent amount of product placements, into harnessing their creativity to add flesh and originality to ‘Banana Island Ghost’, it would have fared better. Unfortunately, it turns out they were too busy crafting ingenious ways to market this derelict, they failed to notice they were dressing up a corpse. Guess, to be fair to them, they did warn us with the title.

And to be even more fair, we admit they had lofty ambitions and aimed for quality. Ultimately however, the quality stopped at the production department. Everything else is a belligerent slurp. They take ridiculousness to an all time high. Its only shining light being Chioma Omeruah aka “Chigul”. Outside of her, they numbed us.

The jokers! In an effort to save this Ghost from being buried in ignominy, they came up with a lottery of sorts- a raffle draw you enter with every ticket bought. And in end the audience is required to stay behind till the winning ticket is drawn from a pouch of tickets; amidst numerous appeals that the audience spread the word that there are prizes to be won.

All you have to do is flush approximately a hundred minutes of your life trudging through to a hapless comedy, hanging on to every forced laugh it manages to scrounge out of you as justification for the premium price tag, all for a chance to win a nifty sized bag filled with packets of noodles and several pipes of Pringles. Talk about bringing “Baba Ijebu” to the cinemas- audacious and terribly unbecoming!

Not recommended. Till it’s on TV.


Kemisola Adeyemi

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