Instagram slay queen calls out man who allegedly molested her on their first date (Photos)


A Nigerian Instagram user, @elle.daddy (Ayinke), has called out one Chimaroke Ekwueme for allegedly assaulting her sexually!

According to the proud ‘semi nudist’, she met him on Instagram and they planned to go on a date only for him to try to finger her!
Sharing his photos, she wrote:


Before that fateful evening’s event which I will narrate to you, this guy was
one of the people whose opinions on social media, aligns with sensible public
opinion especially on Religion, sexual harassment and rape culture.
On that day, we were in solidarity on @instablog9ja comment
section on the issue of the pedophile who followed a ten year old Into the
female toilet at Domino’s pizza, remember that post? He strongly condemned the
act of pedophilia, rape, sexual assault and sexual harassment. And men must
establish consent in and sexual situation. As he normally does.
In the DM we continued our conversation on this topic and he asked me out to
talk over drinks, which I accepted cos he stays not far from me and the venue
was an open place and had the perfect ambience to engage in some cerebral

I met him at the venue and we greeted, I ordered a Long Island and he had a
bottle of beer. We settled down and immediately got to chatting. I discovered
that during the course of our conversations, he subtly kept deviating from
topics and eventually discontinuing them , I noticed he was panning out of
things to say really quick. I thought maybe it’s just a case of people who find
it difficult to express themselves orally and would rather write things down,
because the impression he gives on social media is that of an open minded,
After a short while, he suggested we leave where we were and go to a club which
i refused , I told him this was just supposed to be a quick chat and not a full
blown night of rowdy fun and that was what I came out for. Moreover how are we
supposed to hold a conversation in a club where music would be blaring? , he
agreed and said OK, barely 2 minutes later, he suggested we went to another
place and I said no, then he started acting uncomfortable and said he just
wanted to leave where we were and I said okay then, you leave and I’ll head
back to my house as initially planned. He said no he was enjoying our conversation
but he just wanted us to move to another place. So I said okay, but i don’t
want Loud music and all. CNTD ???

elle.daddyHe then suggested a lounge on the road
that leads to banana island gate, which was perfect by me cos my plan was once
I was done with him, I would head to Lekki and see my boyfriend.

Then came the time to pay, he started having issues with his POS, he said it
was network issues. After 3 trials, I offered to pay with my card and split the
bill, so he can refund me with half the amount in cash. I paid the bill , we
got into his car and drove to an ATM and he returned the full money to me and
declined splitting the bill. After that, he started talking carelessly about
how the typical Nigerian girl wouldn’t have done that, and I told him it wasn’t
anything big or special as I know plenty girls who would and have done such,
cos it’s just a matter of common sense and doesn’t have anything to do with
Nigerian girls . He said no and started talking a whole lot of jargon, and
gesticulating so much, that we almost crashed into the sidewalk in Awolowo
I told him to just focus on driving and quit talking. After driving recklessly
, we arrived at the lounge which wasn’t far from banana island gate, the Lounge
was almost Empty and it was in a dark corner. We Settled down and I ordered
another Long Island and a bowl of pepper soup while he ordered bottle of beer.

Now the sitting arrangement here was a sofa, meaning we were sitting side by
side as opposed to sitting across the table at the first place which was at
bear hugs.
Immediately my food came and I placed it on my lap, he placed his left hand on
my left shoulder and started asking me some questions which I found stupid
because we’ve never engaged in such discussions before.
I refused to answer some. And I answered some. Now this new lounge had a
battalion of mosquitoes in it and they were dealing with my legs which I place
under the low table in front in front of us . I decided to remove my legs and
stretch it on the cushioned stood in front of us, while I continued eating. Now
he started squeezing my shoulder and trying to make me lean into him. And I
told him to stop Cos I didn’t want soup spilling on my clothe. CNTD ??

elle.daddyThen, I told him we would leave as soon
as I finished cos at that point I had started feeling very uncomfortable with
him after he had started saying things like “but I thought we were going
home together because my family is not around tonight” which I had to ask
him how the fuck will he think I’m just gonna go home with him out of the
blues, from a drink up.
Now this guy all on social media portrays himself as a very responsible married
man, who respects and cherishes his family. Only for him to appear in real like
and he is just a random fuck boy!!! A clown fuck boy at that with an empty
Then he was like ‘you can’t go home now, yaba is far from here, let’s just
chill and afterwards I’ll drop you home even if you don’t wanna go to my
place” at this point I announced to him that first of all, I was heading
to Lekki to see my boyfriend, secondly he needs to stop talking about going
home with him cos that wasn’t going to happen and thirdly the characteristic he
had displayed tonight was a far cry from everything he portrays on social
He then said he was sorry about the impression he was giving of himself and its
all just a misunderstanding and he was going to stop all the nonsense. I said
okay , then i called my boyfriend and told him I was around the corner and I’ll
be heading there in a bit.
After the call this dude started asking me why I had to call my boyfriend and
saying a whole lot of stupid stuff. I just told him why not? And he kept quiet.

I returned to eating, now mosquitoes are so much in that place that, even with
my foot of the stool, they were still biting me, and I would occasionally shake
my legs to disperse them as my hands were still busy with the food.
Now this animal of a guy feigning Mr nice guy after I’d given him a piece of my
mind ,said he wanted to help me with the mosquitoes. Thinking he really wanted
to change my opinion of him, I didn’t oppose, he then started by swatting them
with his hands , but before I knew it, he started rubbing on my legs, so I told
him to stop. CNTD ??

then paused and before I could say jack Robinson this hegoat, swept his palm
from my leg to my lap, and before I could set the plate down to get my bearing,
his hand was under my dress and dangerously close to my pubic area in one full
quick swoop, while we were in public!!!! “Are you mad’!!! I shouted at
I started gathering my belonging while trying hard to refrain myself from
breaking the beer bottle on his head.
I stormed out of the lounge area, Into the car park and was heading towards the
gate when he caught up with me and grabbed my wrist, and started asking me why
I was acting up and trying to embarrass him.
At this point I was livid!
How dear this motherfucker try to play the victim, after harassing me!
He grabbed on to my wrist and wouldn’t let go.
I yanked my hand from him and continued to the gate, onto the road. He followed
me outside and kept on asking me why I was shouting and getting angry.
The security guys were there looking confused cos this devil of a guy was with
both palms open in surrender with a innocent look on his face!
He was looking left and right for who to support him in saying that I was over
See, I cannot even begin to describe the kind of rage that was sweeping through
me in waves. But I had to remind myself that the first and most important thing
to me was for me to leave there ASAP, cos I would end up killing somebody if I
decided to fight him.
I was partly angry cos it just dawned on me that this guy is just a fucking
pretender who uses the #freethesheeple
movement and all other forms of activism on social media to cover face. when in
real life he is just a potential rapist and idiot whose real plan is to
scavenge for potential prey on social media.
Now my phone which had the uber app was dead, and this road is not a well plied
route for random cabs, and it’s very long and dark that I can’t walk out.
Then I realized that this guy just used a tactic common with sexual offenders
on me, which is to isolate their victim from any possible means of escape and
put them In an environment under their own control.
CNTD ???
elle.daddyI thought of calling my boyfriend to
come get me, but I knew that was gonna end up in a full blown situation.
I was a little bit confused and he then started telling me that I shouldn’t
think of walking cos it was dark and I couldn’t get cab here. As if he was
reading my mind.
I couldn’t even cross to the other side of the road.
He then said he would drive me out to where I would get a cab. I knew that was
a big risk going back into a car with him but I was willing to take it. I
planned that if push came to shove, and it ended in a physical tussle I would
deactivate the hand break and press down on the gas, send us crashing into
anything or anywhere as I was willing to hurt myself rather than let this thing
have his way.
With that determination in mind I said “okay go and get your car, I’ll get
a cab once we get to Alexander ” he got the car and I entered, I had my
house key in my palm ready to tear his face with it if he made any more stupid
As he was driving he kept on ranting about how I was over reacting and he
didn’t do anything and he didn’t mean to get me pissed.
I was livid!
I wanted to sink my teeth into his arm!
But I had to keep my eyes open for cabs.
So I kept quiet.
As soon as we got to park view gate, I told him to stop that there are cabs in
front of the gate, but can you believe that this guy keeps driving until we
passed parkview?
halted and I flung the door open. As I was about to jump out this guy grabbed
my hand and was saying i shouldn’t go that who was I going to tell about this?
I told him to let me go. He grabbed harder, and he started pullinf me back into
the car, he was determined to not let me go. I now announced to him that if he
doesn’t let me go and a police van passes by, I will scream Kidnapper on his
head and they will Goan throw him in the same cell with Evans.
He looked at me and saw determination in my eyes, and knowing fully well that
that road in ikoyi is a high security area, he let me go.
I started running back towards park view gate.
CNTD ???
elle.daddyI looked back and Saw him still there
for a while. (busy blocking my account on ig I suppose)
I jogged back to parkview and got a cab back to Lekki.
Next morning I went to his page and discovered he had blocked me and even
changed his name in case I decided to expose him.

My wrist hurt for almost 48 hours after that.

Ladies and gentlemen, that was my experience with this wolf in sheep clothing
This is the truth, the absolute truth and nothing but the truth.
I am saying this to warn every female in social media, to beware of this guy!
First he will align with your opinions, next he will compliment you, then he
will invite you for a drink, and go for the jugular!
Only God knows how many people have had this nasty experience with him and were
not able to get out like I did.
Pls stay safe in social media girls.
Not everybody is as they seem on social media
Most are pretenders and sexual predators !
Stay safe.

·  elle.daddyHe keeps changing handle his new one is
@ ichie_1 he works at BROADBASE COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED as Group manager,
financial process, Accounting and reporting. Ladies at his office Pls beware.

She also went further to share screenshots of messages she got from other ladies claiming  he did same thing to them!

Please please and please!
you are out there, and you have been attacked by this man, please
step forward, we will get justice in this together. It is not business
as usual for this pshycopath, sexual offender who scouts for potential
victims on social media, befriends them and then use the same tactic
to lure them.
Please please and please step forward!
us kindly desist from tagging blogs on this, they are part of the
people who help these kind of men go free with their acts of inhumanity.

Photos of Ayinke below…

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