I also have pains but i don’t share them on Social Media – Dolapo Oni schools a fan


Heavily pregnant Marcy Dolapo Oni claimed she got a DM from a fan who wished she had her life!According to her, she doesn’t have a perfect life either but only choose
to take her pains to the Most High  instead of social

Someone sent me a DM this morning stating that they wish “they had my
life because it is smooth and has no issues”. To be honest didn’t know
whether to laugh or cry. Please don’t use social media to gauge the
“quality” of Ones life. Just because you don’t see someone in pain
doesn’t mean they aren’t. I choose to share my pain with THE MOST HIGH!
He is the only one that will see you through any situation. So to the
person that sent the DM please look to him and not to people that
seemingly have a “great” life. ??God bless
She wrote


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