Georgina Onuoha blasts Donald Trump, calls him a moron

American based veteran Nollywood actress, Georgina Onuoha who is a citizen
took to her Instagram page to blast Donald Trump over his policies on

The mother of two wrote:

“Isn’t it so funny, insensitive and insulting that a man whose
speciality is to go marry “bimbos” from East Europe that claim to be
models, that can’t speak English nor right it insulting immigrants. None
of his three wives had any skill or formal education, Melina claimed to
have graduated from college and when journalist swamped her so called
college, those claims were dropped and removed from her page and
Wikipedia page. Yet America gave them a chance, they assimilated and
thrived like every other immigrant that came to this country. To hear
this man utter some of his ill conceive ideas about legal migration,
makes me cringe. His own parents are from Germany yet his disdain for
immigrants is sickening. This is a cheap billionaire that will rather
hire foreign workers than pay Americans full wages.. How many White
Americans will you see on the fields picking berries? Non.. because they
will rather wait tables and get tips and better still meet rich men.
How many white Americans will you see in any hotel cleaning the rooms?
None.. they will rather be yatties? How many white Americans will you
see working as CNA’s (Certified Nursing Assistant) in skilled nursing
facilities? None.. they will rather go work in night clubs ? Yet this
man thinks all immigrants are lazy!! And are a burden on the system? His
ignorance is Laughable. Indianas, Nigerian and Asians make up the
highest number of doctors and nurses in this country working effectively
and efficiently. It is Laughable to think that immigrants are taking
jobs from white Americans,?really? You can’t just get out of high
school, refuse to go to college , marry at 17 and then expect to be a
doctor or rich person. No it those not add up. This migrants come to
America, go to school, learn English, work hard and move up the ladder
to the middle class. It is insulting to listen to this man’s stupidity
at times. God save this country from the hands of this moron.”

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