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Fayose Launches Presidential Campaign

No Time! Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State has told members of the Peoples Democratic Party that he would receive them at the Presidential Villa in 2019.

He stated that the ruling All Progressives Congress was only given an
opportunity to rule for one term, adding that the party has misused its

Fayose, who is the Chairman of the PDP Governors’ Forum, spoke at the
party’s non-elective National Convention, which was held at the Eagle
Square, Abuja on Saturday.

He was surrounded by other governors elected on the platform of the party.

“When you come to the Villa in 2019, I will receive you warmly,” he told the party members.

Fayose further described the APC government as “one chance people (sic).”

He added that the PDP had bounced back to life and boasted that the party would return to power at the centre soon.

Fayose, who officially unveiled his presidential ambition at the event,
stated that Nigerians were getting a raw deal in the hands of APC,
pointing out that the party after completing its first term in office

vacate the seat of power so that the PDP could take over and deliver the dividends of democracy to Nigerians.

Dressed in his 2019 presidential campaign shirt with a cap to match,
Fayose said, “The PDP is now a religion; a belief that we are going back
to our Villa. God will be with us. Those people there, at Aso Rock,
they don’t know what they are doing. We make mistakes but our ability to
correct them is what is important. It is time to arise and shine.

Partner With PDP To Restore Good Life In The Country- GEJ Pleads

Former President Goodluck Jonathan on Saturday in Abuja announced that the Peoples Democratic Party had returned from limbo and would reclaim power in 2019.

Jonathan asserted this in his address at the party’s special national convention.

He said that the party’s achievements while in power would rekindle the
confidence of the electorate to vote it back in power in the 2019
general elections.

“The party is indeed back to reclaim its prime position as the party to
lead Nigeria to greatness. As a human institution, we cannot claim to be
perfect and as a political party, our accomplishments up to 2015 are
clear for every Nigerian to see,’’ he said.

According to Jonathan, the achievements of the party while in power are
ample evidence to demonstrate that PDP is a party of vision and

Highlighting achievements of the party, he said that elections conducted
from 2011 by the government controlled by PDP met globally-accepted

“We succeeded in doing that because of the leverage and the autonomy we
gave to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

“PDP is a party that wants to place Nigeria in a position to compete favourably with other countries,’’ he said.

On the economy, the former president said that PDP provided focused
leadership through institutional and sectoral reforms which impacted
positively on the country, especially in the last four years of our

“We tamed inflation at a single digit, maintained price stability, and drove the economy to become the largest in Africa.

“We also made Nigeria to be the number one foreign direct investment destination in the continent,’’ he said.

According to him, in 2012, PDP ensured that prices of food remained
stable in spite of flood which affected 50 per cent of farmlands along
the flood plains of river Niger and Benue.

Jonathan said that the country was able to regain its goodwill
internationally because the PDP pursued programmes and policies that
were not only rewarding but were copied by other countries across the

“We can recall that our agricultural transformation agenda transformed
key agricultural value chains, boosted local production and created a
new generation of young commercial farmers.

“The introduction of electronic wallet checked corrupt practices in the
distribution of fertilizer and enabled farmers to get fertilizer like
all other agro inputs.

“In the same vein, the YouWin programme empowered a crop of young
Nigerians to go into entrepreneurship and in turn employed others,’’ he

Jonathan said that though his administration did not block all the
loopholes, it came up with strong innovations to fight corruption.

According to him, we introduced the Bank Verification Number (BVN) and
the Treasury Single Account (TSA) which has helped to reduce corruption.

“Government is run by policies, the creative thinking, brains in the
executive council and in the civil servants were harnessed to get to
where we are.

“If elected in 2019, PDP will fight poverty and ensure that food prices
are reduced,’’ he added, and urged Nigerians to partner the party to
restore good life in the country.

If Buhari Was My Father, I Would Have Removed Him From Office For Treatment- Charly Boy

Popular entertainer and activist, Charly Boy, has denied the allegation
by police that he purposely collapsed at a protest ground in abuja to
gain attention. While speaking with Sunday Scoop, he said;

“It is true that I collapsed. The tear gas made me dizzy and I fell. I
also stand by my words that a police officer hit me with his gun. The
government is a lie and so is the police force. Everybody is lying and
in deceit mode. If Nigerian people believe their government and police,
then so be it. I have told you what happened. It is not my job to be
trading words about whether or not it happened. My focus is on what
we’re doing. The mistake the police made was to face the protesters as
if they (police) had come for war. Meanwhile, they cannot face Boko
Haram and armed robbers. They prefer to bully ordinary citizens.”

Speaking further on what actually transpired on the fateful day, he
said, “They didn’t want us to continue the protest regardless of the
fact that we had written to them that it would last for two weeks. They
reluctantly agreed because we spoke with all the security agencies. I
guess they were overwhelmed with the attention we were getting and they
came out in full force to make sure we did not gather. On that
particular day, it wasn’t even a rally; it was just the normal sit-out
where we would gather and sit down in public for some hours. On that
day, we were only seven that were there. The security operatives were on
edge and they didn’t want us to start attracting other people. So they
turned their tear gas, water cannon and attack dogs on us. Later on,
they said it wasn’t us they were targeting, that they were aiming for
the miscreants around. Meanwhile, they fired the tear gas and water
cannon straight at us. Ironically, they got more bad publicity for their
action. Anyway, we continued the protest after that day and we would
still go on. We plan to continue the protest till the president returns
to the country. If the president was my father, I would carry him out of
that office and get him proper treatment and rest. But we know that his
hands are tied personally. He is not really the one running Nigeria; it
is a cabal.” he said.


Kanu Isn’t An Igbo Leader, He’s A Kid — Igbokwe

Joe Igbokwe, a politician and an Igbo, tells Bayo Akinloye
 about his relationship with the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi
Kanu, and why he is not in support of any movement for an independent
state of Biafra.

Do you believe that Igbo are being marginalised?

Yes, Igbo have been marginalised in Nigeria since the end of the Civil
War in 1970. It is a deliberate, systemic, and strategic
marginalisation. We have six zones in Nigeria. In the North-East, there
are six states; the North-West has seven states; the North-Central has
six states; the South-West has six states; the South-South has six
states but the South-East has five states. This imbalance has left Igbo
with the least number of states, local government areas, governors,
ministers, senators, House of Representatives members, and House of
Assembly members. It is the same thing with revenue allocation, both in
the state and local governments, and federal appointments, to mention a

If you grant one additional state to the South-East today, the region
will at once have one more governor, one state capital, more senators
and House of Representatives members, more local government councils,
one more House of Assembly, a federal university, a polytechnic, one
more minister, ambassadors, thousands of jobs and take-off grants.
Nigeria must do this now and it is going to change a lot of things, calm
nerves and (resolve) agitations. We must do this and the time is now.
Former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s constitutional conference approved
one additional state for the South-East in 2006. The region has yet to
get it.

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Nnamdi Kanu has become a popular figure in the South-East, recognised
by prominent personalities. Don’t you think he is the new leader that
can truly lead the Igbo?

The late Emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu has done his bit, Ralph Nwazurike has
done his bit and he is still fighting. Nnamdi Kanu has also joined but
his method of agitation is potentially dangerous and frightening. Nnamdi
Kanu became popular by abusing other Nigerians – calling Nigeria a zoo,
and preaching hate and ethnic bigotry. Hate speech can lead to exchange
of hot words, and the next (thing that can happen) is war. Once there
is a full-scale war, thousands or millions will die. After the loss of
the 2015 (presidential) election, which Igbo never thought Jonathan
would lose, hell was let loose. The colossal and tragic loss led some
Igbo leaders to believe in anybody that will throw as many stones as
possible at the All Progressives Congress and President Muhammadu
Buhari. I can understand this. They did not play better politics as they
put all their eggs in one basket. Kanu became what they needed to fight

Now you must hear this: Kanu is not an Igbo leader and can never be one.
He is a kid. The Holy Book says: ‘Woe betides a nation whose leader is a
child.’ We have competent, trusted and tested leaders in Igbo land. We
have millions who do not believe in the so-called Biafra and when the
chips are down, you will hear them loud and clear. Leading a
sophisticated and hard-working tribe like the Igbo is not an all-comers
affair. It is for the serious-minded; the cerebral; the educated; the
cultured; and experienced. We have yet to know Nnamdi Kanu’s pedigree,
temperament, antecedents, and education. You cannot put a crown on a
clown and expect a king. If a blind man leads a blind man, both of them
will fall into a pit. Kanu – with all due respect – cannot lead the
Igbo. This I know, all things considered. What we need now is war of
sense and not war of bullets.

But do you support his call for a state of Biafra?

Support for a state of Biafra? No, sir, and I say this with all emphasis
in my command and with all the energy at my disposal. I have my
reasons. One, South-East is too small for Igbo enterprise. Two,
diversity should be a big plus in Nigeria and not a minus. We are better
united with justice, equity and fair play. Three, Igbo have invested
heavily in the ‘project Nigeria’ so much so that throwing away their
monumental investments for the sake of a small Biafra is tantamount to
committing political, economic and social suicide. Four, all Nigerians
have paid the price of the unity of this country with millions of souls
(lost) between 1966 and 1970. Therefore, we must work hard to remain one
nation – for one destiny and one God. Five, given the history of Igbo
and their republican attitude, I do not think we can manage one another
in Biafra. Biafra may turn out to be another South Sudan because of
leadership tussle and struggle for power and positions. Six, Biafra is
landlocked. Seven, Nigeria provides a big space for Igbo to operate. I
can go on and on to give you 10 reasons but time and space will not
permit me.

Why do you think prominent national figures like Prof. Ben Nwabueze,
Chief Mbazulike Amechi, and Dr. Alex Ekwueme from the South-East have
publicly associated with Kanu?

I do not think Ekwueme, Amechi, and Prof. Nwabueze are supporting Nnamdi
Kanu for Biafra. They are advocates of the restructuring (of the
country) who are using Biafra agitation as a tool of blackmail to
achieve their desired objectives of getting a restructured Nigeria.
Their tactical support is not an endorsement for Biafra. This I know.

So far, it would appear the Indigenous People of Biafra have gone about
their agitation without employing violence and the government has been
criticised for trampling on IPOB members’ rights, with claims that some
of them were killed by security operatives and others left in jail to
languish without being tried. Do you think that’s right?

IPOB in deed and in word has not been making their agitation without
violence. Have you ever listened to Radio Biafra? They preach hate,
violence and war. I saw a video of Nnamdi Kanu in the United States
asking Igbo residing there for money to buy arms to fight other
Nigerians. I know what they told him. Hate speech leads to war and war
leads to deaths and, therefore, IPOB preaches violence. In the
South-East, they extort money from traders after intimidating them. They
harass citizens and threaten them with violence. They intimidate them
to close their shops. I suspect that they bear arms also. They have
talents for mischief. This is potentially dangerous. IPOB is exposing
Igbo to another war and this is unacceptable.

Don’t you think Odumegwu Ojukwu would have thrown his weight behind Kanu if he were alive today?

I do not think Ojukwu would have supported violence through hate speech
and abuse of other Nigerians. Ojukwu would have known that there are
millions of Igbo residing and doing their business outside Igbo land.
Ojukwu would not have thrown his weight behind anybody that will
endanger Igbo lives and property across Nigeria. Now, have you asked
yourself why the Arewa youths issued the notice to quit to Igbo residing
in the North? They did so because nobody has monopoly of violence or
hate speech. They did so because prominent Igbo leaders kept quiet while
Nnamdi was preaching hate and is still preaching hate to date. They did
so to demonstrate that there can be balance of terror and hate.

If you feel Kanu isn’t fit to be Igbo leader in the mould of Ojukwu, who can?

The President General of Ohanaeze, Chief John Nnia Nwodo, is there. The
five (South-East) governors are also there. There are also other
prominent leaders in Igbo land. We have never sat down to pick one Igbo
leader in Igbo land. Maybe time has come for us to do so because of
Nnamdi Kanu’s nuisance value. When elders are not at home, children may
wear snakes as necklaces.

Do you think the Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign
State of Biafra and IPOB deserve the kind of treatment they’ve been
getting from the government?

What treatment have they been getting? Please go back to history. No
section of this country can be said to be free from this kind of
treatment. Do you know what the Yoruba went through or what they
suffered between 1993 and 1998? Do you know what the northerners
suffered during the Maitasine and Boko Haram crisis?  No serious
government will sit down and allow a group to become a threat to
national unity. An intelligent and well-informed approach is the way to
go. Constructive engagement is the way forward. With common sense – even
though common sense is not so common – we can get the world to pay
attention to us. Violence, hate speech, and ethnic bigotry bring war and
people will die.

With the enforcement of the stay-at-home protest by IPOB, do you still deny the fact that Igbo are firmly behind Kanu?

May we never use the sit-at-home protest Igbo do every year on May 30 to
remember the fallen heroes to think that it is an endorsement of
Biafra. It is not, please. May 30 means so many things to so many Igbo.
Yes, we lost the war but we have not forgotten the consequences.

Have you met Kanu before and do you have any relationship with him?

I have not met Nnamdi Kanu before and I have no relationship with him. I
offered to have a debate with him, so that the world will know the
content of his inner chambers when he said he would defeat seven
professors in a debate on Biafra, but he ran away. I wanted to use that
debate to bring to the fore his carriage, his thoughts, and inner
disposition. He did not accept the challenge. I also made public my
story and asked Nnamdi to do the same. He kept quiet. The young man has
nothing to offer. Someone said he is an over-bloated (sic) kid with a
protozoan intellect.

If you were to meet Kanu face to face, what would you tell him?

I would tell him that the fundamentals have changed for anybody to talk
and think about Biafra at this present stage and age. I would tell
Nnamdi Kanu that with equity, justice and fair play, a united Nigeria is
a better option (than Biafra). We must also work with other Nigerians
to get a Nigeria of our dream. Building a nation is not as easy as
milking a cow. Difficult situations require difficult solutions. Biafra
is not the solution.


Kemisola Ade

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