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Synopsis: A
woman will stop at nothing to see sex offenders and molesters punished!
If she cannot get the courts to imprison them she will find other ways
to punish them.

Starring: Omotola Jalade Ekehinde, Wale Ojo, Jide Kosoko, Tina Mba, Victor Olaotan, Madam Kofo.

Verdict: Entertaining. Enjoyable. Nothing special. We enjoyed ‘Alter Ego’ without a doubt. But that’s the crazy thing for us about calling this one. Because unlike us, members of the audience who we were blessed to chat with afterwards weren’t too happy with it. Usually it’s the other way around, with us doing the hating and they the loving. Ultimately, we have greed to thank for the monumental miss ‘Alter Ego’ turned out to be for the audience.

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‘Alter Ego’ started out as a bonafide crowd pleaser, unfortunately somewhere during its last thirty minutes, it lost its way. It was downhill from there and it ended as a certified crowd irritant. Went from Hollywood, past Nollywood, to Kannywood in a flash, like a distressed plane hurtling to the ground.

It had a solid premise. A lovely feel. A connecting story and all seemed well. People laughing, the crowd chuckling and we watching in amazement as the Magic built. Then, it seems someone somewhere, had the ridiculous idea that there had to be a “Part 2”. And the story changed, literally.

In trying to force a sequel, the producers tore into pieces, all the Magic they had created. And slowly the audience turned aggressively against ‘Alter Ego’- folks previously laughing out loud, started hissing out loud, taunting and scoffing at it till the very last scene- referring to Omotola, someone commented- “Nigeria’s Celine Dion” and the crowd burst out laughing, in ridicule.

Such a miss. A true miss. The producers traded glory and viral praise for a terrible attempt at setting up an unnecessary sequel. It didn’t end well. Nevertheless, regardless of the “miss”, we still found ‘Alter Ego’ to be quite the entertainer.

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We weren’t awed, but we had no regrets. And it was a joy to see that Omotola Jalade Ekeinde is still the Queen she always has been- we are fans. If you are a fan too, it would be sheer sacrilege not to see her in this. If you are not however, contrary to the hype, this is not a “must see” for you.


PS: ‘Alter Ego’ is not for children. It takes pleasure in pushing the boundaries of sexual explicitness in Nollywood. There’s a sex scene where some guy pulls down his pants to reveal his butt unnecessarily, as the message was already passed. The entire hall screamed out loud in unison, shocked and horrified!

See the trailer and get more details below:


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