Only God could have done this! I battled breast lumps for years

the past few years now I have been struggling with an
health issue, a lump on my right breast. I initially didn’t think it was anything serious until i gained admission into school of nursing and while being taught in class some months later, I understood the complications.

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I went for series of tests and it was discovered that I had a lump in both breasts and not just one, so I went in for a surgery in 2012. However, just a lump was removed while the other one wasn’t toch cos according to the Doctor, it wasn’t cancerous and that it will eventually sink.

following year (2013) I realized that the other lump was growing bigger, i was
left with no other option than to remove, so i went for another surgery.

2014 I discovered a new lump in my right breast, went for surgery

Then in Jan 2015 I discovered 2 lumps in my right breast and some
months later another lump in my left breast, I decided to go spiritual. What’s the essence of undergoing surgery if the lumps will keep returning. I got born again and attended the redemption camp last year. I prayed about it but when i got home and checked i
was disappointed, but I didn’t stop praying and attending all the monthly first Friday vigils ans whenever Pastor Adeboye made any healing confession, I would key into it.

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 To the Glory of God the father,the son and the holy
spirit, i am now totally healed, the lumps have now finished even without having to undergo surgery.

 Praise the Lord- Halleluyah.



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