KFB Movie Review: Toyin Abraham’s ‘Alakada Reloaded’ was star studded for nothing…


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Today’s Movie for review is the much talked about Alakada Reloaded and the review is done by O.Cube of Cinema Pointer.

Warning! ‘Alakada Reloaded’ is a
sham. It is preposterous. Utterly exasperating. Wholly ridiculous. And
terribly disjointed. More a mixed bag of not-very-well-thought-out comic
skits, than it is a full length movie with any purpose. Seeing old
recycled jokes rehashed in the same old recycled way is not a pleasant
experience at all. ‘Alakada Reloaded’ will almost make you puke.
Sincerely, it’s just outright shameful! Avoid it by all means.

Hogwash! Seeing this movie was such a pain. There’s absolutely nothing
good to be said about ‘Alakada Reloaded’. A pretentious contraption-
Like a Frankenstein soup, there’s no logic behind its forceful comedy. A
money sink- With all the hype ‘Alakada Reloaded’ is a near perfect
example of “Click Bait”. With distinctively hapless acting, a
particularly unimaginative story-line and lazy scripting, ‘Alakada
Reloaded’ is most definitely a scam.

Admittedly though, there was this one lady, a fellow viewer. She was so
full of it. Through out the screening she was laughing out so very loud.
She was practically screaming her enjoyment. Literally Rolling On The
Floor Laughing Her Ass Off! Intermittently, laughing, she would leave
her sit, run to the aisle and proceed to repeatedly slap the wall, in
what seemed her attempt to contain her wild bursts of laughter. Oh! She
had fun. You should have seen it. It was crazy. Then maybe, it was pain.

Ronke Oshodi's early morning prayer for fans who always 'ilke' her photos on Instagram

Absolutely, utterly, not recommended.

See the trailer and get more details below:

Synopsis: A village girl is picked to be on a reality show and fakes her life all the way to the reality show house.

Starring: Toyin
Abraham, Ali Baba, Odunlade Adekola, Kehinde Bankole, Woli Arole, Nedu
OAP, Helen Paul, Lilian Esoro, Annie Idibia, Bidemi Kosoko


Kemisola Adeyemi

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  1. Haba a lot of people have seen it and they said the film is okay, why is your condemnation so bad. Man hating on man not good at all.

  2. I haven't watched the 'reloaded', only watched the part 1 & 2 of Alakada.
    Jennifer's diary is still much better compared to Alakada. And yes, most of the jokes used in Alakada are old ones. At a point, it seemed fake to me sef.

  3. so much bitterness in this write up, please the fact that you didnt enjoy it doesnt mean someone else didnt. You are just a sad person thats the reason your blog cannot move forward, mumu

  4. Kemi i personally think you should see the movie yourself and review it yourself cos i have noticed that most of the reviews by this cinema pointer guy are always full of hate

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