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Blogger Olu Famous shares his life’s story as he turns full time Pastor

Popular blogger Olu Famous of Olu Famous Blog is set to start his own pastoral ministry. He recently shared his life’s story of how God has truly called him, despite having a failed marriage and life-threatening past.

Read story below:

My dear brothers and sisters,
It is with a spirit overwhelmed with gratitude, a heart filled with joy
unspeakable that I write this turning point note to you my readers and
the general public. The Ancient of Days and The King of all kings who
created the Heavens, the Earth and the fullness thereof has CALLED me to
leave everything I was doing to become His servant with a POWERFUL
mandate to liberate His children from Limitations, Teach them how to
bring their Ideas and Creative Senses to life and Anoint them with the
power to prosper and live a fulfilled life.

It has been confirmed by servants of God that He has given me a special
mandate, and I have been in His presence for days, leading to today,
before making myself known officially.

How did I get here
I resigned from my job, relocated to Lagos from Abuja in May 2013 to
start my business full time as a Blogger and media consultant. I enjoyed
rapid growth; by November 2013 OluFamous.Com
was already one of the top 100 most visited sites in Nigeria. By
January 2014 I had bought another car, bought a land and my blog was
ranking among top 74/75. Life was getting better, just the way I had
thought it out before resigning from my job in Shell.

Then one day, late February 2014 (the day I started building my house), I
met a lady who I thought would be the wife of my dreams. Unfortunately,
meeting her turned out to be the biggest UPSET I had ever experienced.
Let me just say in the last 3 years – February 2014 to February 2017 – I
walked through the valley of the shadow of death all because of a
woman, but the Lord in His infinite mercies kept me. Things got so bad
that I went to over 7 pastors at different times in Lagos, Nigeria,
seeking for a solution to the troubles that came into my life because of

What happened? I got into a bad marriage through spiritual manipulation.
Initially, I thought the manipulations were just because “my wife” has a
bad character, which made me drove her away from my house several times
during courtship. But then her mother would call me and say I shouldn’t
worry she’s working on her daughter, and that she would change. Sadly, it was much later that I got to know that the manipulations are of demonic proportions.

Don’t take my words lightly, I had one of the worst marital experience
you could imagine. The lady I married PACKED OUT of my house just 7 days
after wedding. We got married in church on Saturday March 7, 2015, by
the next Saturday we had an argument over her character, I went out and
when I returned she was gone. “My wife” packed her load, locked my door,
threw the key I gave her into the house from the window and returned to
her mother.

That day marked the beginning of troubles. This is because I was WARNED
by at least 3 pastors​ not to marry “my wife”. In fact one of them had
told me that “There is a demonic force using that lady. If you make the
mistake to marry her because of love, just know that you are granting
access to demons to come in and disorganize your good life”. Another
pastor told me that she would return to those who sent her into my life
before a month if I go on with the marriage, that she has not been
released for marriage and that I was walking into a wicked spiritual
trap. Really!?

Surprisingly, my then pastor didn’t give much attention to the warnings
after I told him what was going on. In fact, his wife told me that she
doesn’t like hearing such things. Hmmmm!

But come o, Olu Famous, why did you go ahead with the marriage despite all the said warnings?

Truth is, whenever I was alone, my heart would be ‘shaking’ like I was
going to die if the marriage doesn’t hold. When I go for prayers it
would stop, in less than 24 hours it would return again. Also, she was
pregnant (under controversial circumstances), this happened 5 months
after our traditional introduction and I never wanted to have a child
out of wedlock. So, I told the pastors who warned me that “God is seeing
my heart”, I knew something was wrong but if the marriage was called
off there would most likely be an abortion, my child would be killed
behind my back. My parents also called and gave me same WARNING from
their pastor in Ekiti. But I went ahead with the marriage – to save my
HEART from exploding, to save my unborn child (a boy) and to honour my
desire not to have a child out of wedlock.

I wished I had met a man of God with higher anointing back then, who
would have been able to destroy the ‘powers’ that were being used to
manipulate my HEART. I trust the Power of God and I know that even if a
man gets married to the daughter of the head of demons in a particular
area, she could be delivered by a man of God with higher anointing.

Anyway, days after she moved out of my house, I pardoned her misguided
action and allowed her return to my house. Sadly, from that point the
marriage turned my life into a night mare, which took me 3 years to
overcome with the help of the God that rules in the affairs of men.

Because of this mess I sold my house, a house I built with 2 giant
sitting-rooms in Lagos, at a give away price and I couldn’t even give
account of the money. I moved into 7 different houses within a space of 2
Years, paying expensive rents, agency fees, etc. around Lagos, all in a
bid to go away from “my wife” and her mother. But no way. The
manipulation was strong!

I almost abandoned my business, seeking solution. Most times that I
didn’t post enough news in the course of the day back then, I was in a
church for prayers. Only few persons knew what I went through. I come on
my blog to advise couples to live happily; while I was going through a
life-threatening marital crises. It was God who kept me and will
continue to keep me.

But guess what? 
In the midst of all these “my wife” was busy looking for men to sleep
with and collect money from, she even told one of her ex-boyfriends
(less than 3 months after giving birth to our son) that he should send
her the money he promised her, and she would drop our son with her
mother and follow him to wherever. That is the kind of promiscuous lady I
was desperately manipulated to marry. Please note that this is not an
allegation, I saw these messages with my eyes on her phone and I even
communicated with the foolish man (he works in Eko Hotel) who was eager
to sleep with a married lady who just gave birth to our son of about 2
months and 2 weeks old. Out of shame he cut the call and I just ignored
him. “My wife” chats with all kinds of men, talking about private parts
and all sorts without any self-respect as a woman. Acts that a decent
single lady wouldn’t get herself into, “my wife” does them without any

Sometimes she stayed in my house only few weeks; it’s either I send her
back to her mother’s house because of her bad character and her refusal
to submit herself for Deliverance in order to destroy the demon
controlling her or due to the nasty messages she exchanges with men.

So one day, I met a pastor who prayed for me and said he would help me
to see that I do not have a wife. He said no matter “my wife’s” bad
attitude, I shouldn’t take her to her mother’s house, I should live with
her happily, that I would see that I’ve been taking her to her mother’s
house under an influence. He told me that if I refuse to drive her away
after a while, the demon she’s “spiritually married to” would drag her
by itself to where she’s needed. Hmmmm!

I listened and for four weeks I kept tolerating her, but by the 5th
week, to my surprise, she escaped from my house without any notice, I
called her as many times as possible she refused to pick my calls. I
called her mother at night that I was going to make a police report for a
Missing Person because I’ve not seen “my wife” and my son, she said I
should not go to police that she would find her daughter. Later she
called me that her daughter was in the hospital and that I should relax
“no problem”. Which hospital? “Don’t worry, no problem”. I smiled! Three
days later, after I discovered that “my wife” was never admitted at the
hospital she claimed to have been admitted, her mother told me casually
that she was in her house, she just wanted to rest.

Can you beat that? True life story!

But I kept my focus on God because I was WARNED clearly that all these would happen.

I was on the move every other week, trying to break myself free from
this mess, in the process also trying to not have a completely broken
marriage, trying to be a father to my son, and trying to keep my
business afloat so I don’t go broke. My life was crumbling to the extent
that “my wife” talked down at me, saying ‘go and look at your contemporaries… nothing good can come out of you.’
I knew it was the demon inside her that was speaking, so I kept
believing God for an end to the saga. The pastors I met had assured me
that the Lord would see me through.

Olu Famous was insulted, disrespected​, mocked, you name it; all because
of a phony marriage. God is my witness, February 2014 when I met “my
wife” to February 2017 when I finally left Lagos and relocated to Abuja,
were the worst period of my adult life. It was that bad!

But why did all these nonsense happen? What is the foundation? What is their end goal?
Friends, what you’ve  read is only 15 percent of my story. I will reveal
everything about the hidden secrets and bitter truths and how God
eventually delivered me in my book as a pastor.

In fact, the reason I shared the little I did today is because my eyes
have opened to the REALITY that it was the 3-year period of my marital
battles, meeting pastors, seeking Divine Intervention that the ever
Merciful God used to be preparing me for this Big assignment He has
entrusted me with. I now understand things of the Bible and the Holy
Spirit from so many perspectives because I was always with one pastor or
the other in the last 3 years.

So when a lady who runs a food company in Abuja took me to a man of God,
who told me to look beyond all I went through in Lagos, that God has a
special assignment for me, it wasn’t hard for me to accept Divine Call.
Also, as a Certified Trainer – I’ve taught people in Shell both Lagos
and Abuja offices, a top hotel as well as a Redeem church branch – I
know I can do this.

But I needed confirmation of the CALL of God on my life, because when I
go in it must be with my all. To this end, I surrendered everything I
had to God, and within 10 days I got a confirmation from another servant
of God and in less that 24 hours the Lord also gave me a clear
revelation. At that juncture, I just told myself that I have no choice; I
must serve the owner of my life.

So here I am today; a man with a life-threatening past, whose
marriage collapsed in the very first week, whose marriage is over 90%
failed as of this moment, a man who lost Millions and a complete house, I
am the one who the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob has decided to use.

What have I done to deserve this? The Most Important Assignment in the world for Olu Famous who they said can’t be anything? God’s ways are, indeed, not the ways of men.
I now agree with a man of God who told me weeks before I left Lagos to
Abuja that there’s something special about me and the Lord is preparing
me for it. His glory is upon me and His grace is sufficient!

The CALL To Serve:
I shed tears when the CALL of God for my life was finally confirmed. One
of the reasons is, I love promoting the Supremacy of God even on my
blog. Another is, I just cracked a Multi Million Naira idea which was
about to start with a Senator and a respected Doctor (PhD) as partners.
My IT friend based in UK described the idea as “wonderful”, the Doctor
described it as “Quiet Impressive”. I had contacted a friend, one of the
best IT guys in Lagos for important details. But the next thing, the
Lord halted me; ‘Olu Famous my child, I have an assignment for you’. I
obviously do not have a choice, so I accepted; ‘I am ready, Lord. Use me
for Your Glory’.

The Mandate:
The Lord said many of His children are not happy today, many Christians
are living in poverty and struggling with battles of life. Some are even
jealous of people showing off questionable riches. We live in a
generation where people are moved by what they see.

Interestingly​, the Lord said I should not serve under my pastor or any pastor. The
King of kings said He has a SPECIFIC mandate for me. I should go to a
place (which He has revealed) and set up a church with an assurance that
He, the God of Harvest, has empowered and mandated me to Teach, to
Liberate and to Anoint His children with the POWER TO PROSPER.

Yes, this is a big task. But as the Lord Liveth and His Spirit is alive,
I will do it with everything I’ve got because the God of Elijah showed
me a sign that He has indeed blessed me with the Unction to Function as
His true servant. God cannot fail!

My Apologies:
It’s not easy becoming a pastor, especially for someone like Olu Famous
who has been all out in the media, making friends and few unnecessary
enemies. So, I use this opportunity to plead with anyone I have offended
in anyway to forgive and forget. I’m human and can make mistakes. All
those I had issues with on social media maybe due to something I said or
posted in the past that offended you in one way or the other, I mean no
harm. Please forgive and forget.

I Forgive You:
There are some persons that hurt me too, some mildly and others badly,
but as a servant of God I won’t mention your names because I’ve forgiven
you even before today. So feel free to reach out to me whenever
necessary. I love you all, I bear no grudge against anyone.

My Pledge:
As a servant of God with the anointing and mandate to Teach, Liberate
and Empower to Prosper, I didn’t call myself into ministry, I dedicate
myself to changing the circumstances and situations of as many as would
come in contact with me.

The Lord has deposited an ocean of wisdom inside me, He has assured me
that His glory is upon me, His prophets have confirmed it multiple times
and I have seen the signs myself. Anyone I minister to will begin to
experience the supernatural release of God’s Goodness and Mercy.

Hear this; Your enemies must not
die before you can be successful. The witches and strongmen in your
mother’s house and your father’s house must not be buried before you can
enjoy God’s Blessings. For the Lord will set a table before you in the presence of your enemies.
That means, whether your enemies are still living or dead, by the Power
of God upon the life of Pastor Olu Famous, your true Destiny must
MANIFEST when you encounter the anointing He has given me.

I won’t let God down and I will serve you all, His children, through Christ who strengthens me.

The Lord said this church will not start under a Mango tree, it is an
empowerment Church that will start richly. I’ve already gone to the
location the Lord directed me to in Abuja, I saw a fantastic hall with
functioning ACs and very comfortable.

I don’t need to scare you with the price because the Lord told me that
He would provide all that is needed through His children. For a start,
the Special Empowerment and Anointing Service will be holding on
Saturdays​ pending when we’ll start Sunday and Weekly activities.

If the Lord puts it in your heart to contribute to the start of His house (the name of the church is – LIVING SEED CHURCH. aka House of Harvest), send your donations to my account details below. Any amount that comes from you will be greatly appreciated.

Account Details:
Olu Famous

We hope to have the First Saturday Empowerment & Anointing Service
in the next few weeks. For as many as pay into the account, I will go
on my knees to ask God to turn your money (Seed) into a good reward
(Harvest) for your life and all that you hold dear.

The Lord bless you and cause His light to shine through in your life, in Jesus mighty name. Amen!

Pastor Olu Famous

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