Why Manchester United fans should not boast of their 20 EPL trophies to Chelsea fans.❄

❄ facts on why Manchester United should not boast of their 20 epl trophies to Chelsea fans.❄
1.Man utd is 27yrs older than Chelsea. (senior kpangolo ) ??

2.They’ve won 6 epl trophies before Chelsea was founded

3.Three more when Chelsea played at the National league level
4.Won 2 more when Chelsea played in League one.
5.Won 4 more when Chelsea played in the Championship league.
6.A further 2 more when Chelsea was still trying to establish itself following promotion to Premier
?Thats a total of 17 trophies(Leaves only 3 legit
when Chelsea could compete).explains why in the
last 12 years Chelsea have won 15 trophies and they have 14.
( that is level playing ground)
?Let me not even start on *Arsenal* and *Liverpool* ? ? ?
*Blue will always remain the color…*
….pls don’t take it personal….

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