This guy got posted to Borno state after paying N30k to influence his NYSC posting!

LOL! A twitter user (pictured above) named Bello Oladimeji has shared on Twitter how he paid someone
30k naira to help facilitate his NYSC posting to a better state only to be
posted to Borno state (Boko Haram’s den).

If you were him what will you do?

Well Bro Borno is the BOMB! Don’t even TRIP!


Wicked world! See what this fruit vendor was caught doing with the fruits she sells (video)

A fruit vendor was caught on tape rubbing the fruits she sells in between her legs before packing them for sale!
Her motive for doing so is yet unknown! But may God save us from every wicked food vendor out there, Amen!..
Hit play below...

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