Man sues Brewery after finding a used Condom inside Beer bottle (photos)

would you do if you buy a drink and find a ‘yucky’ but strange thing
floating around inside the same bottle of beer you are about to drink?
This was the fate of a man who allegedly found what appears to be a used
condom floating around in his drink.

The man identified as Richard Maina, who happens to be a lawyer based
in Eldoret, Kenya, took the case to court, suing the East African
Breweries, makers of Tusker beer.

He accused them of recklessness and negligence, claiming that he was traumatized after the experience.

his story in court, Maina claimed he had bought drinks for a small
get-together he had held in his house in November 6, 2015, and after
opening a bottle, discovered the drink had a strange taste.

He said:

was a party and I had bought five crates of the same brand of beer,
several people in attendance were consuming their drinks. After serving
them, I picked a bottle, opened it and began drinking. After the first
sip, I realised the taste was extremely strange and the following
encounter was nauseating because the bottle contained an unwrapped

He claims he had to sue them for damages brought upon him.

said: “I suffered psychological torture, trauma, mental anguish,
excessive sweating, severe headache, abdominal pains, abdominal rumbling
and vomiting due to shock and anxiety after taking the beverage
containing condom.”

claims he has developed a fear for bottled alcohol since that
unfortunate incident. He told the chief magistrate Charles Obulusta that
he had discovered yet another condom inside another unopened bottle. 

presented the second unopened bottle as an exhibit in court. He also
revealed that he had contacted the brewery after his experience, but
they did nothing about it.

now claim damages and special damages for the injury, despite the
demand and notice of intention to sue having been given, EABL ignored.”
Photo below…


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