KFB Movie Review: Rita Dominic and Joseph Benjamin’s ‘Desecration’ movie was ridiculously a waste of time…

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Today’s Movie for review is Desecration.

I almost cried after seeing this movie because I was angry, disappointed that I wasted a substantial amount money and my precious time at the cinema.

Synopsis: This story of enthrallment and
obsession explores how a chance meeting and a casual encounter quickly
becomes a living nightmare for Olusola Daniels (Joseph Benjamin), a
brilliant medical doctor and his young family. Following a romantic
weekend with the gorgeous Linda Bruce (Rita Dominic) Olushola assumes he
can just walk away.

written and produced by Bode Odetoye.

Starring: Rita Dominic, Joseph Benjamin

Set in London, UK, this 2017 directed by Niyi Towolawi
tells the story of a Nigerian Doctor, Sola Daniels, his wife Adesua,
who is a legal practitioner, and his mistress, Linda, who is a
professional pest. Adesua travels with their nine-year-old for one
weekend, and Sola gets together with Linda who becomes obsessed with
him. She demands that they continue the affair even after his family
returns, and while he is reluctant, she doesn’t let up until she gets
pregnant. Then she goes full throttle on her quest to ruin his home.

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Everything…characters, acting, story line ….everything was so boring. Joseph and
Rita are perhaps the most outstanding as expected from their wealth of
experience, but even their showing is not one of their bests.

Desecration is
extremely slow, and the film has no climax whatsoever. It starts
leisurely and ends un-interestingly. 

It had no inspiration, no soul and had so many errors too.

Imagine Joseph Benjamin waking up after sex with all his clothes on,
including his belt while the woman beside him is naked. It is confirmed
that they had sex; who dressed him up while they both were asleep? 

The only thing praiseworthy about Desecration was the fine picture quality and choice of location. 

Everything else as rubbish.

The good guys at cinema movie pointer already described it as “ Uninspiring. Sorely predictable. Just watchable. Expect nothing special.
‘Desecration’ is a depressing melancholic made for TV drama. Lukewarm
at its best. Tortuously boring at its worst. And the “worst” is twice as
much as the best. Do the math.”
but I went on to watch cos I was a die hard fan of Rita Dominic and oh boy, I regret it.

See trailer and get more details below:


Kemisola Adeyemi

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  1. I like Rita Dominic,but I think since after her epic movie "the meeting" and then of recent 76,Rita hasn't done any movie that is worth watching.. Rita Dominic you need to up your game

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