Policemen rob Doctor coming from emergency in Lagos

A Lagos medical practitioner, who identified himself only as Dr
Itan, has accused policemen from the Area M command of stealing N45,000
from him.

The victim, who works with a private hospital in the
Iyana Ipaja area of the state, said he was returning from an emergency
around 1am, accompanied by his wife, when he was stopped by a police
He said his explanations on where he was coming from was
rebuffed by the men, who demanded N100,000 from him failing which he
would be charged with robbery.
Itan said after being detained for
about three hours, the policemen led his wife to the nearest Automated
Teller Machine, where she was forced to withdraw N45,000 for them.
The doctor said four other motorists, who were also stopped, were forced to part with various sums of money.
He said, “I live in Ikeja, while the hospital where I work is at Iyana
Ipaja. I was at home on April 9 when a nurse called me that we had a
patient that had problem passing urine. The man was in pain and I
recommended some drugs.
“But the nurse called back that the
situation was getting critical and I decided to drive down. I got to
the hospital with my wife; and by some minutes past 1am, we were done.
“I was driving back when I sighted a road block by a police team at
Moshalashi Roundabout, Iyana Ipaja. I saw different Rapid Response Squad
vehicles at the junction. They asked me to park and I did.
asked why I was wandering at that time of the night and I told them
that I was a medical doctor and I had an emergency which I had to
respond to. I showed them my identity card and complimentary cards. The
policemen checked my vehicle documents and driving licence, which were
“But one of the policemen said anybody could be a
doctor during the day and a robber at night. I told them that if they
had issues with where I was coming from, they could follow me back to
the hospital. But they refused.”
Itan said four other vehicles
were stopped on the road, adding that the policemen said they got a
tip-off on a robbery operation in the area and they were all suspects.
He noted that before they were driven to the Area Command, the policemen asked him to pay N100,000.
“They said as a doctor I didn’t need to get myself embarrassed and that
I could just settle them and leave. Since I didn’t have any money, I
did not pay anything.
“They took us to the Area M Police Command
on Idimu Road. But instead of driving into the station, they asked us
all to park our vehicles at a car wash beside the command.
asked them to take me to the Area Commander, adding that I was ready to
be investigated. But they only demanded my car key and kept silent,” he
The victim said some of the other motorists started paying some money to the policemen and were released.
He said later, a Deputy Superintendent of Police approached him and
after he identified himself as a medical doctor, the DSP asked the
policemen to search his vehicle.
Nothing incriminating was said to have been found in the car.
“He then held my pouch, which contained my driving licence, passport,
hospital ID card and the ID card of another hospital where I was
formerly working.
“He asked what I was doing with two ID cards of
different hospitals, and I explained to him. I also told him it was not
a crime if I had ID cards of two hospitals if I was working in one and
consulting for the other. He became angry.
“When it was getting
to about 4am and I didn’t bulge, one of them came to me and said I was
not supposed to follow them to the area command in the first place and
that since they had brought me there, they might have to charge me with
robbery. I told him there was nothing I could do because I didn’t have
any money on me.
“At that point, they volunteered to follow my
wife to the Automated Teller Machine to withdraw some money. I told
them I didn’t have N100,000. But the policeman said I cannot give them
small money because all of them, including the DSP, will share it.
“Later, they decided to collect N45,000. They drove my wife to the ATM
where she made the withdrawal before we were eventually released,” Itan
Itan said the policemen advised him to always move in an
ambulance whenever there was an emergency or in the alternative he
should tell his hospital to write the area command.
expressing sadness over the incident, he said he reported his ordeal to
the management of his hospital, but was advised to let go.
hospital said it was what they did every time and I was surprised
because I was new in the place. They said since they were in that
environment and they always had to respond to emergencies from time to
time, they didn’t want to be victimised.
“But I want those
policemen punished for the act. The police authorities should go after
them; they are always at that junction, robbing innocent motorists,” he
The state Police Public Relations Officer, ASP Olarinde
Famous-Cole, urged the doctor to approach the command for redress,
saying the state Commissioner of Police, Fatai Owoseni, would not
condone such act.
He said, “Please, ask him if he copied the tag
number or name of any of those policemen and if he can identify them.
The CP has ordered that once we get any report like that, we should get
the culprits apprehended to face the wrath of the law. We will not
condone such. Tell him to come to the command on Tuesday (today).”
In his reaction, the doctor said he could recognise the policemen,
adding that he wrote down the name and number of one of them.


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