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How the Nigerian policemen allegedly stole 25k from a man and threatened to frame him with weed

An Instagram user @kejibutty (pictured above) has cried out and explained how the Nigerian police harassed him, threatened to frame him up with weed and allegedly stole  25 thousand naira from him..
What he wrote below

Nigeria my country!!! I was harassed and
humiliated today by our dear Nigerian police , I was stop at iyana ipaja
under bridge where I was trying to mount a bike going to super (Market )
, 2 men stop the bike , show me their I’d card to prove they are police
, they snatch my phone and I’d card, asking me all sort of question,
After going through my phone squarely , One of them said where you see
money wey u dey use raise kids, feed wife and all , I was vex but still
keep my cool until the guy said am a fraudster, yahoo yahoo and all , I
asked him to prove but all he can do is to hit me and handcuff me, I was
drag to elere police station , after serious of argument and all , they
started saying all sort of this, They will rope me with weed and
fraudulent documents, Atlast they said I should pay dem 300k for bail
or they lock me up, I was in pain, My hands are hurting so bad , all I
can do is to cry and shake my head like a baby, a rough guy in unirform
came to search me, found 30k on me, took 25k and left me with 5k saying I
can leave now if I want to!! Nigeria is bad! The police are not
helping!! I told them am coming back, They look at me and laugh!! My
conclusion is that the hardship in the country turn all this NPF to
legal thief!!!

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