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How herdsmen brutally raped a woman in Edo after beating her husband in their farm!

 Source: Thenationonlineng

A married woman (names withheld) was on Sunday raped by
suspected herdsmen at a farm at Ubuneke-Ivbiaro community in Owan East
local government area.

The woman was said to have been raped after the herdsmen beat up her husband while they were at the farm.

of the raped victim who gave his name as Umoru Agunu said the armed
herdsmen that attacked him and raped his wife were six.

to him, “No sooner had I arrived at my farm with my wife than I saw six
armed herdsmen demanding for my phone but when I told them I don’t have
any they beat me up mercilessness and took my wife to a distant where
she was raped by two of the men. They were also with a young woman who
probably is their victim.

A leader in the community, Yakubu
Ibrahim, said farmers in the village are living in fear of armed
herdsmen who, he stated, have laid siege to the community.

said, “We have been under sieged by the activities of armed men since
2015. They have raped several of our married women, kidnapped and
physically assaulted both male and female in the farms and while going
and returning from markets.

“Many people have been kidnapped
while several people were assaulted. Several millions of Nara have also
been paid as ransom. Our people are now living in perpetual fears both
in the farm and at home.

“We are agrarian communities known for
the production of rice, cassava, cashew, cocoa, plantain, banana, palm
oil among others. Since the taking over of the communities by these
unknown gunmen it has been very difficult for us to go to farm and
markets”, he said

Ibrahim said the Sunday rape incident have been
reported to the Divisional Police Officer in Afuze, administrative
headquarters of Owan East local government area.

community leader, Yusuf Adamu, said some herdsmen who were arrested last
year by volunteer vigilante group have been released for lack of

Head of Owan East Local Government Administration
(HOLGA), Akeens Ade-Akhani said the council was aware of the situation
in the area.

Akhani said, his administration have been mobilizing men of the Nigeria police as well as vigilantes to Ivbiaro- Auchi road.

said the security challenges in Ivbiaro, Warrake, Ihievbe and other
parts of the local government have been reported to the state

“Yes the council is aware of the security situation
in Ivbiaro, Warrake and Ihievbe. It is not only peculiar to these areas.
Even in Lagos where there is food security management there is
kidnapping, raping, stealing among others.

“The council is always
mobilizing men of the Nigeria police to Ivbiaro, Warrake and Afuze
roads to provide security in those areas. We also empower the council
vigilante group with the necessary incentives and manpower to provide
security to our people.

“Though I am yet to get the recent
attacked on some persons at Ubuneke-Ivbiaro, but the council will not
relent in its responsibility to ensure the provision of adequate
security across the local government area”, he stated.

Police spokesman, DSP Moses Nkombe, said he was yet to get brief on the incident.

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