Domestic Violence : Another South African lady, Chuma Ntsenge, killed by her partner (photos)

It still baffles me how one will go to the extent of killing someone they claimed to love! Coming after a South African was killed and burnt by her ex-boyfriend, another South African lady, Chuma Ntsenge, a mother of a 4-year was reportedly shot dead by her partner last Friday, May 6th.

Her heartbroken friend, Elena Nomis took to Facebook to share beautiful photos of her and revealed she would be buried tomorrow, May 13th

I’d never have agreed to this hash tag had it not hit me right in the
middle of my heart. Tomorrow we lay to rest my gorgeous, sweet and funny
friend who was shot in the head in her Sandton apartment last Friday, a
day before we were supposed to move in together and make a lifetime’s
worth of beautiful memories. The weekend before she was about to start
her new job and start realising her goals. What monster would be so
deeply entrenched in their God complex or what
kind of non-trash material would harm and take away the mother of a 4
year old so brutally? The women in this country are hurt, we are
unaware of most the paralysing pain or how many sisters are violently
gunned down, raped, beaten to death or within an inch of their lives,
emotionally violated, stabbed, marred or scarred for life? How many are
slapped daily across the face, pushed, sworn at or are constantly told
that they’re useless? SINENZENI?! If you guys watch on quietly as your
friends, brothers, cousins, soccer buddies or co-workers abuse their
partners then yes: YOU ARE TRASH. There is hardly any justice in this
country not just for women but more accurately, black women. Rest in
perfect peace, Chuma Ntsenge.

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