Corpse found in back seat of Akwa Ibom car causes confusion (details)

An unknown man  was been found dead in the back seat of a car yesterday
along New Stadium Ring Road in Uyo, Akwa Ibom state.

The car was found
packed by the side of the road in Uyo.

The sad news was shared by Sun Newspaper correspondent, Mr Joe Effiong
on social media who revealed that the identity of the deceased is yet
He added that the car was later taken to police station in the area.

Read this deep and thought provoking piece…

Please read this deep and thought provoking piece I just found on Facebook!

I went to NYSC Orientation camp few days back to minister and heard one of the new corps members give her testimony....
She said 'I thank God that among all my friends I am the only one that made it to stream 1', and People clapped.

Isn't that normal? It is o.
You know had it been all her friends made it to stream one she won't
feel that her testimony is special. But Her testimony should be that she
made it not that her friends didn't.. Shikina.
I have seen folks testify that they are the only one that passed the exam... All others failed and...

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