Nigerian Gay Rights activist, Bisi Alimi, marks 10 years of his escape from Nigeria

Nigerian gay right activist, Bisi Alimi, who became famous after
lashing out at President Goodluck Jonathan over the 14 years prison
sentence bill signed to stop homosexuality in Nigeria, has taken to
Instagram to mark the 10th year of his escape from Nigeria.

He talked about life in Lagos, before he fled Nigeria in his post. Here’s what he wrote as he shared the post;

on popular demand, and for those without Facebook account, I have
decided to share a screen grab of my story here. This will be a
collection of stories that happened to me all through 2007. That year
was the darkest period of my life and it was also the year I discovered
myself. Remember to swipe to read.”


First photos from Andre Paul-Okoye’s 4th birthday(Photos)

Paul Okoye of Psquare shared birthday photos of his son Andre who turned
His pregnant mother Anita, also shared some pics from his cartoon
themed party in the US.
Paul wrote:

Happy sweetest birthday to you Andre nonso okoye ❤️??????? #king
#everything ? you changed everything the moment you were born ? God's
protection, Good health and long life ? love u son

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