Big Brother Naija: TBoss finally addresses all the controversies her actions at the reality show generated

Big Brother Naija Second Runner up, TBoss has finally addressed some
controversial topics that trended on social media during her stay in the
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#BBNaija TBoss finally has addressed some of the controversial topics
that swirled on social media during her stay at the Big Brother Nigeria
In an interview which Beat FM shared last night, the rising star
opened up on why she bared her breasts, her failure to recite the
National Anthem, and the viral clip of her saying she would spend the
N25m in a week if she won it.
“The Big Brother house was a place where I was myself. At home I don’t shower with my clothes on,” said the ex housemate whose real name is Tokunbo Idowu, adding that she stripped to take her bath because that’s a given.
However Tboss added that she had to shield a part of her from the
camera. But she noted that stripping had become normal to her because, “Usually, in my house, I just walk around naked.”
The housemate revealed that she never knew that exposing her breasts
would cause a lot of drama on social media, that it wasn’t until she
returned that her father sent her the viral screenshot that earned her
so much criticism. “He actually did a [snapshot]. He just sent me a picture of myself, and I was like, ‘Oh, Lord!”
Asked if her father was aware before now that she pierced her nipple, the BBN star expressed mild outrage. “He is now, [but] why would he know about that [before #BBNaija]?”
TBoss addressed the National Anthem saga that disfavoured her before many Nigerians.
“I can totally recite the National Anthem,” she insisted, “[But] I was
under pressure and tired because the whole day, we [were] in the sun,
talking. It was a very emotional day and I was really drained. I had a
meltdown and it was very very justified.”

For the ex housemate, she is not worried about the monumental hatred
from folks on social media, because when she was asked to officially
address the trolls, she waved that away, saying, “No. They will come around.”
Also, the housemate clarified, again, her comments about how she
would spend the N25m if she won. Recall that the initial clip was
deceptively edited, but the actual footage never went viral to help
counter the first wrong impression people had of her after watching the
first clip.
Hence, the ex housemate officially addressed it. “I said I have
so many projects on ground that I need [the money for]. I don’t have a
house. I don’t have a car and I would like to get myself a car. And I
have responsibilities. I have 5 godchildren. I have siblings,”
she said.
Continuing, “By the time I would share this money…Plus, I have to pay tithe and tax.”
To close off her interview, TBoss voiced what many avid fans feel about her – why many people do no like her. “I am always misunderstood. I would sneeze and it would be taken the wrong way. If I burp, [same],” she concluded.


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