#BBNaija: Why TBoss may end up winning – Onyeka

The Big Brother Naija 2017 TV show
is one of the most talked about TV shows at the moment and has raised
much dust on the social media space. Many people have taken to their
social media accounts to campaign for their favorite housemates.

The show has finally come to its last week
before the grand finale and the fans of the show are hoping their
favorite housemates can be crowned the winner (going home with a
whopping N25 million). As they await the final day, here are some
reasons why Idowu Tokunboh (Tboss) may end up winning the show.

Tboss started out like a weak contender for the grand prize when
housemates like Efe, Bisola and even Thin Tall Tony became fans
favorite. As each nomination week passed, and fans of Efe and the
entertaining Bisola grew, Tboss became stronger.

Most lovers of the show are becoming emotional without considering
why Tboss survived every eviction weekend. Just like the case of the
American President Donald Trump, reverse publicity has made her more
In the build up to the 2016 American general election, Hilary
Clinton’s team and supporters spent so much money and time criticizing
Donald Trump who was obviously the weaker contender without highlighting
Hilary’s strong point. They indirectly got people interested in Trump
and we all know how that ended.

That same scenario is currently playing out in the Big Brother house
as fans of the other house mates with stronger fan base kept attacking
Tboss out of hate and indirectly making her popular.

People got interested in Tboss and started giving her Sympathy votes.
Every week she is nominated for eviction, every week she gets saved!

As the show progressed, Tboss’s fans kept growing. Now, Tboss has
made it to the final with strong contenders like Efe and Bisola. Like it
or not, she has become a strong contender herself.

This last week will be very decisive because logically speaking,
while Efe, Bisola and Marvis will be sharing votes, people like Tboss
and Debbie Rise will be getting stronger fan base and more votes.

Those thinking that the game is over for Tboss, will have to rethink
because with her new level of popularity and survival mode, she is
definitely a force to reckon with she may just end up winning the show.

By @Onyeckerous on twitter and IG


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