#BBNaija: DJ exclusive played the National Anthem during their final party yesterday to shade TBoss

Last night during their Final Legend Saturday Party. DJ Exclusive shaded TBoss like never before.

So, while he was DJ’ing dishing in Naija Music, DJ Exclusive played
all the Housemates Songs, From See Gobbe (The one they recorded in the
house), to Debie-Rise’s Song (No cunny cunny), to Efe’s Song and that of
Bisola’s.. Marvis was allowed to rap with the mic to Style Plus – Call
my name.. Then when it came to TBoss’ turn, he played the National

The party was kicked off by DjXclusive with some familiar tunes which
the Housemates gyrated to, most notably was Bisola’s songs which opened
the flood gates of mad tunes. And if the Housemates got goose flesh
from dancing to Bisola’s songs, they got even more ruckus when Efe’s
song was played to which he mimed to.

The DJ took a short break to introduce his guest “Ike Chuks” to the
Housemates and as he walked in, he quickly went into his first song of
the night titled “Man Down” to which the Housemates danced to. By his
second track titled “Do Proper ft Dotman”, Ike Chuks brought in his back
up dancers and they literally set the stage on fire with their killer
dance moves to the amusement and enjoyment of the Housemates.

Just as his Ike’s set ended, DjXclusive resumed proceedings with the
hit song “See Gobbe” by the BBNaija Housemates which was followed by
Debie-Rise’s single which sent her into a frenzy as she mimed her song
duly accompanied by the Housemates. Another Efe track saw him jump on
stage with a paper microphone to mime the track, also accompanied by the
Housemates shouting out the chorus.

DjXclusive took the Party to the next level as he took the Housemates
on a musical journey by playing some nostalgic tunes from yester years
which got a rapturous response from the Housemates as they sang along to
the familiar party bangers. He also introduced a musical game for them
where he would play a familiar tune and once the Housemates started
singing along, the track would be switched to another one and so on.

It seemed like the party wasn’t going to end anytime soon but after
two hours, Biggie called time to the Party by playing the Nigerian
National Anthem to which they all stood at attention.


Angry Nigerian Lady destroys hubby’s car, after he beat her till she bled

A woman in retaliation has destroyed the wind-screen of her husband after he beat her so hard blood came out of her eyes.

This was first shared by advocate and Lawyer, Emeka Ugwuonye. Below is what he wrote:

Apparently, there was
an argument. The man wanted to assert his authority. He beat his wife so
hard that blood came out of her eyes. The woman was so upset, she ran
downstairs and used a stick to smash the windscreen of the man’s car.
The pictures confirm this.

The woman admitted to me that she wondered if she should stab him
with a knife in self defense. That is another aspect of domestic
violence, which we haven’t discussed much – domestic violence can also
lead to the death of the man. The fight against domestic violence is

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