19 year old girl sparks online controversy after sharing photos from her birthday photoshoot

A young lady who just turned 19 has been the subject of discussion on
Instagram right now, as many online users don’t believe her age.

She posed in the usual “Birthday baloon” which reveals she just
clocked 19. Apparently, many judged her too quickly, saying her body
looks way more matured for a 19 year old.

See the photos below and some reactions after:


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MMM to finally pay old mavros frozen From November-December 2016 (Details)

Image result for mmm

might come as good news to many MMM participants as it has been
revealed that old Mavrodians could be getting their money back.

It seems like old Mavrodians whose accounts containing millions
were frozen last December 2016 might soon get back their money following
a new interesting development.
The frozen accounts had been abandoned by some of the participants
following the decision of the ponzi scheme operators to stop paying
owners of the accounts as they concentrated on paying new mavrodians
after lifting the ban in 2017. As a result, many people lost money and
are still to get it back.
However, there...
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