This Congolese woman uses ‘plastic bag’ as condom for her customers

A Congolese woman has found an unusual way to protect herself from
sexually transmitted disease while having sex with her customers.

The robust sex worker who identified herself as Daniella Kasekwa says she uses a plastic bag as her contraceptive instead of the usual condom.

She doesn’t believe in condoms
In an interview with VPRO Metropolis, Daniella said she prefers plastic bags because she believes it protects her more from STDs and doesn’t disappoint.

At first she was nervous about granting the interview.
But in the end, she added that her biggest fear is contracting the deadly HIV/AIDS virus.
And that is how she got this idea.She prefers plastic bags because they don’t tear up
For her, it’s plastic bags over condoms

And what does she do when she doesn’t have a plastic bag?
She buys one ASAP. So how do these men use the plastic bag?

First off, she blows to see if it has holes.
Then she gives us a demonstration
And according to Daniella, she doesn’t go out looking for customers
like other ladies do – her customers know how and where to find her.

You might be wondering why these men keep coming back despite using a plastic bag.
She’s tried, tested and trusted is why
They know just how good she is and they in turn tell their friends.
Another added bonus is that she doesn’t steal her customers money.

Daniella, who makes about 40,000 Congolese francs (about N10,000) a
day from the business, says she hopes to own a house and have her own
business before she can leave the business.


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