Hilarious! Nigerian lady returns money a guy spent on her, after he came to rant on Twitter about how broke she is

So, there was this wild drama that played out yesterday evening.

A rather hurt 18 year old, took to twitter to blast a Twitter girl he
took out on a date.
Apparently, Deji expected the lady to say yes to
his proposal of being his girlfriend, even after the date. But she
gladly said No… In a series of tweets, the guy, known as Deji said:

Then the lady in question, in a quest to prove she’s not broke
totaled all the money Deji spent on the date and transferred it to him

My question is, How did she get his account number?

Btw, Some FBI/CIA’s on Twitter, have dug out a Tweet of Deji where he begged for money for school fees on twitter… See Below:

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This is MART Lagos Hospital’s reaction to claims they butchered the Nigerian wife of Portuguese National (Facts, more details)

children's day

Earlier today, we brought you a Portugese husband's claims on how his Nigerian wife died during her cesarean section at the Medical Art Center (MART) in Lagos (HERE).

Well, the hospital has reacted to the viral reports, and have revealed the true facts. Read Below the mail sent out to blogger:

The True Facts about the Treatment and Management of Chiamaka De Freitas at MART Medicare

It is with heavy hearts that the management of the MART Group
empathize with the husband, family and friends of Chiamaka De Freitas
over this unfortunate and tragic loss of their daughter, mother and wife
approximately 48 hours after a C-Section surgery. In 4 years of
existence this is the first ever mortality case experienced by the MART

As a maternity unit with zero tolerance for maternal morbidity,
mortality and perinatal mortality, we...

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