Beware! Uber taxi taken over by kidnappers | Victim recounts her experience

A young lady took to social media to share a touching story about how she and her colleague had escaped being kidnapped by an Uber taxi driver in Lagos.

According to a Twitter user identified as Amarachi @maraflux7, she and her colleague had ordered an Uber taxi that was supposed to take them from Lekki to Egbeda, both in Lagos state.

Amarachi recounts how she escaped kidnap.

The trip however took another turn after the driver who after claiming he didn’t know directions to their destination, ended up taking them to Ogun state, enroute Ibadan.

According to Amarachi, they had fallen asleep after giving him directions, but were alarmed when they woke up to see that they had already left Lagos.

In an emotional Whatsapp message which Amarachi sent to one of her friends, she claimed the driver had attempted to kidnap them, but his plans were foiled when they woke up unexpectedly.

See screenshots of her post below:


Black woman kills her husband with her High Heel shoe

A 32-year-old Zambian woman of Kampongwe area in Kapiri Mposhi district
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who has been identified as Oliva Kalangwe aged 34 was initially
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that he reported the matter to police.

She has said that the wife is reported to have used a pointed high
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and fore head. Katongo further said

that the deceased was issued with a Police...

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