Be inspired! This Pretty mum of one has one is not letting her disability stop her…

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This is Ashley Fisher, a 21yrs
old mother of one.

Ashley lost her arm when she was just a year
old… 20 years later she’s been strong and living well. Read her story
below and see more photos…

“When i lost my arm i was like 1 year old, I don’t really remember much
of anything. I don’t ever remember myself having 2 arms. I don’t talk
about it with my family because i consent that they don’t feel
comfortable talking about it, so I don’t want to force anyone to talk
about it if i am not that pressed to talk about it. 

It doesn’t really bother me. I am fine the way i am and i like the way i
am. I was told i fell out of a moving car and the doctors couldn’t save
my arm. Some people feel that i need to know the whole story but i am
fine, i have been doing pretty good. I have made it this far, so yea, i
am fine! 

When i was young, the other kids were so mean and they still are mean,
but they were just being kids. I expected people to understand but now i
know it is not so often that you see people with one arm and i had to
realize that these little kids are shocked or some don’t have home
training as their parents didn’t teach them how to act when it comes to
being around people who are different.” – She said. 

Ashley has a daughter, Abigael and she intends to teach her how to
accept that her mommy is different, just like her grand pa had taught

Ashley Fisher gives confidence and self esteem a whole different look.

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